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Cruel & Fixated Limits?

PigsterPigster Member Posts: 137
edited September 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

Cruel Limits is nearly worthless, why dont change it like: after a gen is completed all windows in the own terrorradius gets blocked. Or maybe in a range of 24 meters of the killer, so that stealth killer would also have a use from it. Changing the effect would actually help in a chase and not just in specific situations. In the current state, it not really helps. Its kinda not worth to equipt.

Also this condition of Fixated needs a change, its not necessary that it doesnt let you walk faster while injured. Removing it wouldnt change much, cause theres still the bloodtrail. This condition dont make any sense at all. Does urban evasion have a condition like that? No, because it doesnt need it, like Fixated too. It could maybe help no mither players 😂 not every new survivor perk needs a downside, just if they can have a real impact during a chase or could disturb the killer.


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