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Survivor Hair Still Looks Terrible

Seriously, just revert the awful hair changes you did last patch. The “optimizations” didn’t improve FPS whatsoever and just made the hair look like dogshit. Seriously just look at ANY of Nea’s heads and you can see just how bad this change was. The hair is spotty and see through, Feng and Nea look like they’re balding, Jeff’s eyebrows look like they’re drawn on with sharpie, various beards are completely see through, Jake and Meg’s hair look stringy and overly poofy; it’s just bad. The hotfix did literally nothing to make this better, all it did was enable antialiasing to make everything super blurry. It still looks awful and the hair is still see through despite the vaseline you’ve smeared all over the game. Bottom line the hair needs to be reverted, it would be far simpler than just trying to repair what you completely screwed up with the change.


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