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F.A.Q. | Nintendo Switch release & known issues

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Can I use my progress from another platform?

Sadly no, we do not support cross progression for any platform.

Is the Switch cross platform?

No, you will be matched with other Switch players

Is Switch on Dedicated Servers?

Yes, the Nintendo Switch users will use dedicated servers at release. The console itself cannot support hosting a game for 5 players at the time which is why we decided to launch on Dedicated Servers. Any future improvements to the dedicated servers will impact the Nintendo Switch users as well.

What is included in the base game?

The base game includes all original chapters up to The Shattered Bloodline

How do I get the Trapper Switch exclusive?

It is already in your inventory!

Do the Switch players also get the Bloodhunt event?

Yes, you will also have the Bloodhunt event next weekend!

Do I have to register to Nintendo Switch Online to play?

Yes, in order to match with other players, you will need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

What are the available Chapters?

Stranger Things / Halloween / Ghostface / Demise of the Faithful / Ash vs Evil Dead / Darkness Among Us / The SAW Chapter / Charity Case are all available in the Nintendo eShop

some Chapters ARE unavailable?

You are right. The Leatherface and The Nightmare on Elm Street aren't available on Switch.

Do Auric Cells expire?

Auric Cells do not expire except in Japan (to follow the local laws)

Is the game region locked?

No the game isn’t region locked, you can play with your friends from around the world. You will be assigned to the nearest server location to provide better matchmaking quality.

Known issues

  • Some players are getting their rank reset after logging back to the game. (Confirmed)
  • The Autosave icon does not appear when going back to the main menu (Community reported issue, waiting on testing)
  • Can't accept completed survivor daily ritual (Community reported issue, waiting on testing)
  • While holding the left stick towards diagonal direction, survivors do not run full speed anymore (Community reported issue, waiting on testing)

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