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Trap placement bug?

Teddyripper34Teddyripper34 Member Posts: 21

Platform: Ps4

Happened to me tfor the past couple days when, when I place a trap the game buffers heavily for a half second then returns to normal gameplay, during this time you cant move and everything seems frozen and real annoying. This happens with every trap I place. I havent tested this with trap placement speed add ons. Ive been running either no add ons or dead fly mud with powdered eggshell.


  • deadbyjeffdeadbyjeff Member Posts: 29
    edited October 2019

    Exactly the same issue on pc! tried default skin and halloween one - same on both. every time i set a trap game stutters for 1 second like mad! its horrible in loops as more often than not i loose sight of the survivor when this happens :( please hotfix this please :((

    or at least give us a workaround if there is one

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