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Navigation to different forum languages not redirecting

WaldbeereWaldbeere Member Posts: 85
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Hi there,

tested in mobile view. I selected "choose forum" in the left sidebar menu. In the main screen I'm able to choose a forum in a different language. If I choose one I'ill get redirected to same site. If seen that the menu entry is correctly updated.


  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 2,059

    Mh, it works for me. Did you try to set the website to desktop view in your browser? What I mean is: You go to your preferred browser app, click on the dots or whatever gives you a menu and it offers you to view a website in desktop view. Try that!

    Otherwise, this is the direct link to the German forums. I assume you want to visit the German forums due to your name :) I'm the German moderator. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/de

  • WaldbeereWaldbeere Member Posts: 85

    Hello Mr. Meyers, I'm fine with the english boards. Just wanna inform about this behavoir :-).

    Hm, maybe it's my fault and I misunderstand the navigation here. If I select a language forum, should I get redirected to the index of that forum (that's what I expected to happen) ? Or is it just a kind of selection menu, like radio buttons?

    If I select one language forum the whole menu changes to that language, but the main screen still stays at the language forums listing page.

    Tested: Android / Chrome 77.0

    Best regards

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