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tunneling and cosmetic ideas for winter.

Tunneling has ruined the fun of the game for everyone but the killer it's really taking a toll on players and has made many people stop playing the game in all and many wanting refunds because of it. I personally think tunneling should be bannable. But as for the cosmetic idea I thought the idea of Pajama's would be cool because of like The Night Before Christmas and how many people stay in their Pajama's for half of the morning while opening up gift's from everyone, I've asked multiple people who I play with and they also thought this was a good idea. And we were hoping that you guys and ladies on the Dead By Daylight team could think about making this idea come to life.


  • EntityEvictorEntityEvictor Member Posts: 251

    Tunneling is unfun but player do it because self heal is a thing. Only thing i want is the christmas DBD Theme from last year to be Wraiths terror radius.

  • CyanideCyanide Member Posts: 5
    edited September 27

    If they tunnel you, juke them.

    • use pallets
    • as soon as you run out of their sight start running one way and then walk the other way, most killers will brain dead follow the scratches made by running, as soon as you can get behind something else take off running and you will most likely lose them and they will waste time. Repeat until caught and face camped for being "toxic" or making them eat your red colored dust.
    • In high rank play tunneling can and will cost the killer the game. As by the time they get one person after tunneling them on the hook someone with common sense would have popped a generator, now imagine that 2-3 times.
    • it takes 2 minutes to be sacrificed on the hook(on the initial hook, and not trying to escape.), it takes 80 seconds to pop a generator with just good checks.

    As for Christmas themed, gimme a ghost face in one-piece periwinkle pajamas with knives on it. 👻

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 4,173

    So survivor shouldn't be able to tunnel gens then either right? Not fun for the killer having them pop so fast and end the game before he has a chance to play much. You have to switch gens every 15% so you aren't tunneling them, sounds fair? If you do you get banned.

    You realize how ridiculous this sounds right?

  • TheDuhJTheDuhJ Member Posts: 44

    Advocacy for a ban hammer on gameplay is fuckin stupid

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