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Event cosmetics back

MuzxielMuzxiel Member Posts: 6
edited September 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

Im a fairly new player and like any other game with skins there are few exclusives that only people playing at the time of the event/sale could get, I would like to suggest a second chance to get some event cosmetics for new players.

Im not talking about legacy, that I can understand why they are exclusive, but Im mean event skins like howling ground cosmetics, you can buy the boar mask and the survivor cosmetics that came with the exact same event the year after, many players didnt get the chance to earn that reward and I bet everyone would like a second chance, by this I mean there could be a once a year store during the next chinese new year event or have the chance to earn it, it's a good way to keep players interested and waiting for the chance and you can use this in other events new or old


  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,592

    Im pretty sure you can buy stuff with Auric Cells, but i understand what you mean.

    But in all fairness during each event we had - there was either just enough or not enough event materials for cosmetics anyways.

  • MuzxielMuzxiel Member Posts: 6

    yeah but I mean, many new people didnt even get the chance to play those events, they cant buy the cosmetic since it was exclusive but then again we had the boar mask this year and it's on the store for us to buy, why not doing the same for the hound mask for example

    And Im not even suggesting to add it to the store, Im suggesting a once a year store during those event with previous events cosmetics, its a good idea if they want to make money and fair for the new players who didnt play at the time of the event

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