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Wowee, look at this new polls subforum

PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 3,862

This is the polls subforum. Here, you can create your own polls about anything you'd like- as long as it's within the rules.

To get things started, here's a simple question:

Which role do you play?

Wowee, look at this new polls subforum 241 votes

Gay Myers (Luzi)MandyTalkXenorPlaysPuscheltwistedmonkeyMc_Hartywildcats25SaitofoxLavernnedarthtimsterElliotThuSenzuDuckNMCKEGuiltronWhite_OwlArk_the_BonsaiMonsterInMyMindetms51KebekStevo 162 votes
lubsoilRizzo90YaNesteaGibberishAsuzTurculetulFibijeanWeepemeJustJessReconeticKnucklesWaterySkeletalEliteKralleDonnycBoosted_DwightJiggleWiggleJakojoNickyRamoneDarkNightSkies 38 votes
BossHail_to_the_KingHorsePowerPhantomMask20763BottledWaterPandomMister_xDMr_KMiriamGMiniPixelsAgentApple50Aztreonam78BBQnDemogorgonthekiller490490Financial_StabilityAssassinZodiacBunnyTheHuttpootis_BearStrancolHEXmanigu 41 votes


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