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Disconnection and losing pips

Every killer i play again's disconnect last second every match i play and i am really mad that im losing rank because of this can you guy's please fix this i literally cant stand it because all my hard work went to waste getting to rank 4 then then get it taken away from me just because a killer cant simply win like honestly why is this killer at this rank against us in the first place if he cant simply win or lose and acutely be a good sport about it like come on im really tired of this dead by daylight get you stuff together pleases because i care alot about this games future.


  • OceansonaOceansona Member Posts: 2

    I agree!!

  • 1NF3RNO1NF3RNO Member Posts: 9
    edited November 2019

    I totally agree @LazyGhost25.

    When a person plays a survivor and quits/disconnects the person playing the killer gets not only the blood points he/she gained during the match but additional points. It even says quitter bounus.

    When a person plays a killer and quits/disconnects the survivors only gets an automatic escape and only gets to keep the points they gained during the match, however those playing the survivors lose all items/add-ons.

    It's not fair 😔

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