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Double BP Survivor vs Killer

Playing Killer during Double BP is a joke (in the sense that it's too easy). You don't even have to change you're build because BBQ is already meta. At most, you might see a few more killers running Thrill of the Hunt for the extra BP. So you have killers going around running what they always run and getting between 100k-200k per match NOT farming.

And the you have the survivor side where you have to waste a slot running We're Gonna Farm Forever for stacks you may not even get, Prove Thyself, AND escape cakes/party streamers and HOPING you don't get tunneled or camped by some ######### looking to ruin your day and leave with like 60k.

I'm not asking for anything to happen to the amount of BP killers get. What I need is a boost to the amount of BP survivors can get OR to make the survivor bloodpoint boosting perks more useful in the same way that BBQ is one of the most powerful perks in the game AND gives double BP. Or just add bloodpoint boosting effects to more survivor perks.

As it stands right now, survivors can get extra BP from WGLF, Prove Thyself, and offerings.

Killer can get extra BP from BBQ, Beast of Prey, Thrill, Distressing, Offerings, AND their add ons (300% boost for no teleport Hag, 100% for terror radius Wraith, speed limiters for the chainsaw killers). You can run upwards of 300k a match running all those things. Freaking insane.



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