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Sn0wJobSn0wJob Member Posts: 247

Why is this scoring system like the devil's anus, and this is the FIXED scoring system isn't it?
I don't camp, I run around and kick generators and break palettes like a good little boy.
Somehow though just because chases didn't last long enough I get punished, it's stupid.


  • Dabrownman1812Dabrownman1812 Member Posts: 1,857
    It's not about the chases being longer, helps to get 6 hits on each survivor at least
  • Sn0wJobSn0wJob Member Posts: 247

    ...and that is stupid too!

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    Sn0wJob said:

    ...and that is stupid too!

    Yeah, we’ve tried complaining about this, but so far we’ve only gotten a decrease in the amount of points required for Gold and Iridescent Chaser. As long as there’s still a crapton of pallets on the map and/or Sprint Burst remains in its current state, then Chaser shouldn’t give you more points for having shorter chases. It should give you more points for having longer chases.
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