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Hag Trap Bug

lovenight69lovenight69 Member Posts: 13
edited September 28 in The Hag

I just played (a very sweaty, and tunnely) game with a hag killer on PC.

All of the hag traps that I stepped on throughout the entire gameplay teleported me to them. I was hooked in a junglegym and she put a trap on many exits of it, and the one exit was pretty wide. I went to walk around the one trap and it had a /huge/ AOA and still went off like I walked directly over it. And the rest of the traps that I went near did the same thing, still setting them off, but this time when I "walked over" them (even though I was running like 5ft from the side of it) I was teleported to the spot the trap was placed on (kind of like a rubberbanding effect).

Thanks DBD.

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