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Insidous Deep Wound bug.

OshiOshi Member Posts: 290
edited September 2019 in The Legion

Insidious not working with Deep Wound. Game still think surv in Terror Radius.


I just want to say thanks to devs Thanks how one time you listen to cry babies and nerf him. Thanks for buried Legion into "grave" and make his ability "pontless" without threat. Yes, this is "RRREEEEE". I so tired play vs SWF as Legion, it's imposible to win against them. Even his movement, pallet, vaulting speed while in FF is low. Why you didn't post info about Legion rework? Why buff Demogorgon so early, make his ability destroy pallets? Potato tier Legion not deserve to buff, like Demo? Now you should do same thing with legion, let his FF also destroy pallets without red addons., but no, you not care. 

Im done, see you in 2020-2021 after buff. 


  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 6,823

    Can you explain more about the bug please? Was the survivor mending etc?

  • ViolentSh4deViolentSh4de Member Posts: 55

    Insidious does work with Deep Wound, they nerfed insidious when Freddy was nerfed

    It takes 4 seconds for your terror radius to fully deplete after the 2 second activation timer

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