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DBD Slang/Lingo guide (WIP)

StriderStrider Member Posts: 94

Hi guys, I'm fairly new to the game - I picked it up during the summer sales. I've seen a lot of lingo and in-game actions being thrown around during the past few weeks of playing the game and it's been pretty hard to find a definitive guide on the meanings of all of them. And here's my mission: I'd like to compile a definitive list of jargon and in-game behaviors and their definitions and meanings to post as a guide either on here and on Steam.

I'm still pretty new and would like the forum's help in creating this guide as I don't know the definitions of many of the terms and behaviors. At the end of the guide I'll be creating, I would credit the helpful contributors from here!

Here is a list of the current phrases/actions I understand:

  • Slugging: Intentionally downing a survivor and not hooking them to follow up chases on other survivors/avoid flashlight rescues
  • Camping: A killer staying near a hooked survivor to secure sacrifices
  • Over-altruism: Survivors who remain in the trial after the exit gates are open to rescue any hooked/injured survivors from death, putting themselves at risk
  • Looping: Exploiting areas of the map where it is hard for killers to keep up with survivors, leading them on a wild goose chase
  • Pallet looping: Similar to looping but with the addition of a favorable pallet placement
  • SWF: Groups of Survive With Friends players
  • Tunneling: A killer that singles out a survivor as a target every time they are found despite the presence of other survivors
  • Jungle gyms: Locations in the map that contain many nearby pallets and windows to keep killers busy chasing
  • Squadette: A squad of Claudette players, usually for the purposes of all players having self-care
  • DS: Decisive Strike, a perk infamous among killers that grants survivors the ability to instantly escape the carrying process
  • BBQ&C: Shorthand for the killer perk BBQ & Chili, a perk granting killers aura reading and a percentage bonus to bloodpoints for hooking survivors
  • NOED: Shorthand for the killer hex perk No One Escapes Death, the tier III version of which grants instant downs on attacks
  • Billy: Shorthand for the killer character, The Hillbilly
  • Freddy: The real name of the killer character, The Nightmare (Freddy Krueger)
  • Myers: The real name of the killer character, The Shape (Michael Myers)
  • Double crouching after rescue/healing as a survivor: Survivor speak for "thanks"

I'll update the list as I pick up more terms from any feedback here. I look forward to working on this guide collectively with you guys!


  • StriderStrider Member Posts: 94

    I've seen people doing that but didn't realize there was a term for it, thanks!

  • Doom_PunkDoom_Punk Member Posts: 371

    BS - Brutal Strength
    NC - Nurse's Calling
    MYC - Make Your Choice
    DH - Dead Hard or in Killer's case, Devour Hope
    M&A - Monitor and Abuse
    SB - Sprint Burst
    SC - Self Care
    BT - Borrowed Time
    BNP - Brand New Part
    BPS - Blood Party Streamers
    TR - Terror Radius (heartbeat)
    DOH - Dead on hook
    KYF - Kill Your Friends
    EW1/2/3 - Evil Within tiers 1, 2, or 3

    There's a bunch of different abbreviations to things involving perks and such as well.

    There's also things like:

    Gen rush - Survivors optimally pumping out gens at a very fast rate, such as 3 gens done in 1 chase and hook.

    'Infinites' - Loops like shack or main buildings (Storehouse) that sink a LOT of time out of the Killer, not infinite but feels like it considering gens get done so fast.

    Nodes - The items/offerings on the bloodweb you put points into.

    Mori - The Killer's offerings to kill 1+ Survivor(s) when he hooks them one time.

    Jukes - Losing the Killer during a chase, usually via you outplaying with stealth.

    Gens - Generators

    If I remember anything else I'll keep on posting them. Hope this helps! And welcome to DbD, or, Dead by Daylight. :P

  • StriderStrider Member Posts: 94

    I thought gen rushing was referring to multiple survivors piling onto a single generator at the same time to complete generators faster but thanks for the clarification.

    I've also forgot to add Pip to the list: the scoring system used in ranking to determine how many "wins" a player must accomplish in game to rank up.

  • LenexisLenexis Member Posts: 7

    Question; what does YCMP stand for? I see it all the time one Tru3’s channels and I can’t find anything on the meaning of it


    Juggling: drop and take surv few times before hook to avoid getting DS'ed

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    Kobe = self-unhook

    Genrush = extremely fast repair of all gens

  • HuN7r3sSHuN7r3sS Member Posts: 211

    Farming: Calling on or getting forcefully pulled off a hook by a friend/random with the killer in close range

    Sandbagging: Running onto the path of another survivor, causing them to lose distance on the killer or get hit/downed

    Body blocking:

    (For survivor) Making the possibility of hooking a survivor temporarily impossible unless the killer hits/downs the survivor(s) obstructing the hook option

    (For killer) Making pallets/vault windows/the hook temporarily inaccessible to a survivor attempting to escape you during chase/make a hook rescue

    Devour: Shorthand for the Devour Hope hex totem

    Haunted: Shorthand for the Haunted Ground hex totem

    Franklin's: Shorthand for the perk Franklin's Demise

    Spies: Shorthand for the perk Spies of the Shadows

  • HuN7r3sSHuN7r3sS Member Posts: 211

    Dunno, I was thinking it was a random stream challenge called Y.C.M.P which might stand for "You choose my perks"

  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959


    "Juggling: drop and take surv few times before hook to avoid getting DS'ed"

    That is actually wrong.

    It's called "dribbling".

    "Juggling" is usually used to describe a killer keeping multiple survivor in check.

  • Wolf74Wolf74 Member Posts: 2,959


    "I thought gen rushing was referring to multiple survivors piling onto a single generator at the same time to complete generators faster but thanks for the clarification."

    Gen rush is best done with each survivor taking on a different gen.

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230

    No, that's called dribbling. Seriously, even the devs call it that, how the hell can you mess that one up? Are you ignoring correct information on purpose? (looking at your regression question thread)

  • ThePilgrim_ScottThePilgrim_Scott Member Posts: 14
    edited August 2020

    Ninety-nineing or 99ing - completing near finished progress on the gen or the exit doors to misdirect the killer. Less used now that killers and perks can regress gen progress, but still common enough with exits.

    Mindgames - little moves that both killers and survivors use in order to lead or steer a chase. Example, when the killer leads up to a window to vault, but chases the survivor around the wall instead.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 13,771

    Alternatively 99ing can be in reference to setting your exhaustion to 99% so you can use Sprint Burst on demand.

  • DeathslingerDeathslinger Member Posts: 570

    As a community, can we figure out something for me? Decisive Strike is DS, we don’t need two. I don’t want to see “Well today I DS a DS”.

  • ThePilgrim_ScottThePilgrim_Scott Member Posts: 14

    Oh, that's not a problem for me. We call you Mr. Hat.

  • megswifeymegswifey Member Posts: 801

    Is the over altruism bad? I always stay behind if someone leaves the gate open to make sure they are safe, but if they havent been hit for awhile i leave before collapse can get me

  • L4zyKeenL4zyKeen Member Posts: 3

    I think over altruism rock. Why not do it?

  • GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 961

    I always just call him "Slinger".

    To add to this list:

    Iri Huntress / Iri Heads - Huntress bringing the Iridescent Head add-on, the one-hit down one.

    Tombstone Myers - Shape bringing the Judith's Tombstome add-on, allowing him to kill survivors on the spot (if he gets to proc it)

    Spooky/Jumpscare/Scratched Mirror Myers - Shape bringing the Scratched Mirror add-on, making him really slow but gives him the ability to see survivors' auras through walls. Commonly played on indoor maps.

    Burger King Myers - [I actually don't know what this one means, but I've seen it mentioned a lot]

    GF - Ghostface

    OoO / Object - Object of Obsession, the Laurie Strode perk.

  • MugomboMugombo Member Posts: 509

    Looping - It’s not exploiting, it’s just running around areas of the map/tiles to avoid getting hit and wasting the killers time

  • FreddoFreddo Member Posts: 117

    Burger King Myers is a Myers thats uses Vanity mirror and Judith's tombstone to become really slow.

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