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Joining SWF issue

Lerngaming22Lerngaming22 Member Posts: 5

So I play with a group of friends. I have this one friend that before the last update we were able to play together. Now when ever me and that one friend want to play a match together through SWF we can't because is saying invitation not reached. But if we have someone else make the party and invite us both then we can play together. We just cant do it alone. This is not a one time thing. This is everytime for me and this friend. Can I please have some help on how to fix this?


  • StrangrmeStrangrme Member Posts: 1

    I would love help with this also. It happens only with one specific friend and didn't happen until we tried playing more than one game. Haven't tried having other people invite us instead but we can't join each other's lobby and just says "accept invitation failure". For the person who invited it shows they joined the lobby but then a few seconds later says they left the party. Happens every time now we can't play with each other. Thanks in advance!!

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