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New to PC version - Need friends. Non-toxic 18+

weirdMelweirdMel Member Posts: 1

Hey. So I've been playing DBD on console for the past year or so, but now that I have it on PC, I don't have anyone to play with. I'm still getting used to the buttons and stuff for it, so if you don't mind a noob please comment if you want to play together. I'm on PST and can play during the day. You have to be nice and not that yelling in your ear type, also over 18, as I am in my 20s.


  • KiwayKiway Member Posts: 4
    edited October 2019

    Still looking for someone? :D

    And around which rank are you playing?

  • zombeanzombean Member Posts: 3

    Hey! I'd be super interested in playing with you! I'm sorta new to DBD, only been playing the last month or so at not fast rates cuz it takes forever to get in a match! I'm 26 & from the UK so not sure how times workout? Current Rank is 13 as Survivor/17 as Killer.

  • ShadowlessKhanShadowlessKhan Member Posts: 12

    I would like to have someone to play some DbD too. Played for awhile but always gone solo. Send me a friends request if you want to play together.


  • HealsofloveHealsoflove Member Posts: 19

    Super chill casual gamer here - add me :)

    steam friend code: 119407179

  • PeachyKeenPeachyKeen Member Posts: 6

    If you're still looking add me :) my steam code is 1003949902

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