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Stalky bois vote

ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 334

Which one do you like more? Mikey boi, or Ghosty boi?

Stalky bois vote 42 votes

Ghosty boii
Ark_the_BonsaiBlueberryJetTheWaffleCatwill_i_am_14_85NikkiwhatLexamus 6 votes
Mikey boii
Dwight_FairfieldWINTERSAven_Fallennot_QueefLeonardo1itaKralleJasonsfarBoosted_DwightWiglegRIP_LegionMysticAdvisorErshSteelDragonGhoste 14 votes
I liek both the boiis
Slaughterhouse3douggie123BBQnDemogorgonLCGasterGrandkuramaKnucklespootis_BearZwyczajneKonto123320[Deleted User]PigsterNullSp3cAhoyWolfChaddad2169BlueFangToxicboiiWeckOkKiLLerZackAndCody 18 votes
[BAD WORD] the boiis
AshleyWBCandyFaceWaffleFalafelMarcus 4 votes


  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,426
    I liek both the boiis

    They both scare people more than any other killer 🤷‍♀️

    Demo would be close behind if he wasn't a big stompy boi.

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 334
    I liek both the boiis

    My bois, keep voting.

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