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"About region enhancement plan"

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Frenzy speed increased from 5.0m / s to 5.15m / s
Usable time down from 10 to 9 seconds
Overcoming the pallet is 1.2 → 1.1 seconds,
Window crossing increased from 1.15 to 1.0 seconds
Stan returns to 3 seconds after frenzy
Frenzy Attack Mispena has 30% gauge reduction
Relaxed & forced release erase
When attacking with frenzy in a deep state, it stirs frenzy, but gives fatal wound debuff.
* New debuff "Fatal wound"
Almost together with the profound. It does not occur when three people die or leave. (Deep condition that cannot be treated by yourself, add-on effect occurs when the grace gauge amount is 70% deep)

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  • Explanation of each enhancement. Speed ​​up system: There is simply no refreshing feeling. Usable time reduction: If the speed is increased, the travel distance will increase too much. Frenzy stun mitigation: 4 seconds is too long. Even if you get closer, you can go far. So upward. Frenzy Forced Release Elimination: Samurai will be turning, but if you remove it once, gauge 0 & forced stun will be terrible.  Reason for adding Debuff's fatal wound: The previous region was often accused of being unable to demonstrate its chase ability because of the lack of gaze. Then, I thought that it would be good if `` a debuff that can not escape '' that can fully demonstrate chase ability (if you leave from the heart sound, that is, if you escape, the gauge will decrease and fall down)

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