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Who is more viable?

SasukeKunSasukeKun Member Posts: 442
edited October 1 in Polls

Now you obviously don't have to agree with me, but compared to experienced players I've come to the conclusion that i think Hag is just a better Demogorgon in terms of playstyle.

In addition i think it needs something more added like Freddy got

Who is more viable? 147 votes

Techn0Mc_HartyBossdragobvGibberishAdelooPandomicemancatMrDardonJnnsMuBlueberrykatoptrisBuily09Star99erVolantConch1719Spartagone45AcesthetiicMiniPixelsMegaWafflearslaN 77 votes
Ark_the_Bonsaimistar_zzacmangamingmcNuggetsBlade92JetTheWaffleCatPokerface303taboosoulsPluSN1P3R5G3TH3ADMaelstrom10Ramxenoc445BBQnDemogorgonzirumioxMicheal_MyersKwanghyunAxX7891SkeletalEliteShrekIsHotDaGreenBolt 44 votes
Chicken, idk
LavernnePhantomMask20763Mister_xDIhatelifeindieeden7LCGasterKrazyAce13ElkTheHoodedOnepootis_BearthedevalexAzurlynxNuclearBurritoBoosted_DwightJoao_Bandicootmusstang62RIP_LegionPigsterpalletsryummyanonymous31337 26 votes


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