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Slender Man New Killer

What do you guys think of adding Slender Man as a Killer? Here are my suggestions for his Perks/Ability

I want to start out with Slender Man’s Ability. Slender Man gets to teleport kinda like The Spirit but he can teleport anywhere he wants and sees every survivors aura for 5 secs. The first 2 secs after he has teleported he gets a damage boost meaning he can one hit survivors like Ghostface and The Shape.

Here are my suggestions for Slender Mans Perks Page Obsession: When survivors are hiding behind trees after escaping Slender Man the survivor screen turns into static like the original Slender The Eight Pages. Once survivors have entered this stage they can no longer see and they have to find 4 pages to get out of the mode. The 4 pages spawn near the survivor but each page has its own sound effect. Once the survivor collects a page the remaining pages can be found by listening to the static because the louder it is the closer the page is. While the survivor is in this stage Slender Man can see the aura of the survivor for 30 secs.

Im Watching You: When survivors Vault/Exit lockers/Throw down pallets/Open Exit Gate/Unhook survivors their aura is revealed for 5 secs.

No Escape: When survivors open the exit gate they cannot leave until 1 min has passed and when a survivor is 24 meters away from the hatch then their aura is revealed.

That is it for the Killer Slender Man, what do you guys think? Are some of these perks/ability OP? They can always nerf them if necessary. I know that Pennywise will probably be next but after he’s done. I would love to see Slender Man as a Killer in Dead By Daylight.


  • IvardenIvarden Member Posts: 10

    In my opinion, slanderman must not have a teleport, or too many skills that reveal the aura, it risks becoming too much op. Perks are not important, the important thing is his main skill. I thought it might have a very simple ability, and that is to alter the vision of the survivors if they look at him from too close a distance, like static TV noise, an effect similar to that of the flashlight on the killers, but permanent, which increases if you look in his direction.

    In my opinion it would be very powerful as a skill and in line with the urban legend, it would allow him to chase his victim without it being able to turn around to see the killer's movements, you can't throw down a pallet and turn around on it properly with this killer.

  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9

    Ivarden I agree that his perks may be too OP but this is a suggestion they don’t have too add Slender Man in the Game although I would like it too answer your about him not having a teleport it wouldn’t make sense in every Slender Man game accept The new Slender-New Hope Slender Man always teleports and this also helps with survivors who like to annoy the killer And run away and doesn’t help their team in other words people who are scared of he killer and doesn’t help and runs away you can get easy kills.

    Plus they can always nerf him but what I’m afraid of what might happen if Slender Man becomes a Killer a lot of people will tunnel/Camp and overall be a annoying killer.

  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9

    AngryFlower I like that idea Kinda like the doctor Cool they should add that

  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9

    AngryFlower Like I said in my suggestion for SlenderMan his active ability is being able to teleport anywhere he wants well they don’t have to add that in but just a thought

  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9

    I think he would also fit in with the stealth characters with The Wraith,The Ghostface and The Pig.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 673
    edited October 2019

    I'm not down with more teleporting/phasing characters. Stealth? Sure. Teleportation isn't actually something in Slenderman lore, though, unless you're silly enough to count video game mechanics approximating the lore as lore: what he does in fiction is closer to what the Demogorgon does, opening a hole in a wall to traverse a space between spaces. Not quite teleportation, as both he and people he chooses can enter these holes.

    I'd propose a portal that could be opened in any wall then, five at a time or more with addons, as his ability. Either he or survivors may enter these, but survivors travel at half his speed and yell when exiting. As a passive, he could have low speed when out of a chase and seen, but if he's in a chase his speed gradually increases, pausing only when a survivor's camera is trained on him - with his terror radius being proportional to his speed.

    If people like the slender sickness ideas, it'd be more lore friendly to have the camera start to jerk when viewing him - similar to the Hag's traps. That could replace the passive suggested above.

    The Page Obsession perk idea is too OP, but I like the core concept of making survivors rely on sound for something. Maybe call it Don't Look, and have it progressively blind survivors who look at the killer - while also making all terror radius sounds directional.

    I'm Watching you (which I would rename to Always Watching) is a bit OP as well: might I suggest specifically slow vaults and opening exit gates as the only triggers, so that it doesn't overlap with other perks and focuses on the quiet actions people do.

    No Escape is just a no-skill version of Blood Warden plus an anti-Left Behind feature. It's ridiculously OP - but might I suggest making it just a hex (maybe called Can't Run?) that activates at the end of the game, slows you down 4/5/6%, and reveals everyone's aura? It would combo well with NOED while making both harder to pull off.

  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9

    ElusivePukka I understand all the perks are op but they are my idea The devs can always change them the only reason why I’m doing this is too get the character I loved since I was 6 years old that character has always been my passion

    By the way the perk names don’t need too change Although I do like your version of Slender Mans Perks I think they are a well suitable thing for Slender Man

  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9
    edited October 2019

    AngryFlower/ElusivePukka Yea Slender Man does make cameras mess up and drives the person insane but remember this is a game not the story it doesn’t have to be the real thing.

    For example When you are in Freddy Krueger’s NightMare after he has hit you have to find a big alarm clock you don’t see that in the movies that’s in my opinion kinda cartoonish and kid like for a Kinda? Horror game.

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  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9
    edited October 2019

    Hopefully his design in the game looks like this.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,654

    I'd rather he look like his self from The Arrival than the official movie incarnation.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 3,654

    Interesting thought, making it so he could see the auras of survivors after teleporting, however...

    The escape mechanic of Page Obsession doesn't seem very intuitive. It just doesn't fit, imo, but I like the creativity.

    I'm Watching You seems a worse version of I'm All Ears for Ghostface, with a few extra added actions to track.

    No Escape seems a little broken... at least it doesn't show auras at the exits, but it still seems a little powerful... combine that with Blood warden and I could see a trapped forever build coming up.

    I have my own concept for the Slenderman as well, could you give it a look? I'd appreciate the feedback.

  • SplinterCell123SplinterCell123 Member Posts: 9

    Interesting Raven014 well I like the Slender The Arrival look too.

    Im Watching You is a perk that even if you do a slow vault your aura is still revealed and everything that it says is like I’m all Ears I kinda forgot about that Ghostface has a very similar perk.

    I looked at the post you sent me I think it is pretty cool and interesting.

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