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the survivors "character" like posture

kylerabdcgamer10kylerabdcgamer10 Member Posts: 25

ok so this one isn't as important as other things like lighting but it is important. I've been wanting all the survivor characters in DBD to have different postures to show off personality and character"example" a strong character like David shouldn't be hunched over unnaturally like a gravity defying gremlin "same goes for ALL survivors,Davids posture should show his strength and bravery"example 2" The characters Ash Williams and Ace should have a kinda cocky confidant posture like they aren't scared at ALL especially Ash, and im sure you all know why."example 3" The characters, Jake,Bill,Claudette,Meg and Adam should all have an on edge-cautions look about them. etc etc you all get it now do the poll thingy. also the could almost copy the menu poses.

the survivors "character" like posture 13 votes

should ALL characters have their own posture and personality
JayDoesGamesCamoRangerLeonardo1itaGrootDudeLirulinielNullSp3cDr_LoomisErshAhoyWolfshadow3989Dicklayciasemolina 12 votes
or should it stay the same with them all being the same?
White_Owl 1 vote


  • PrincessPoopPrincessPoop Member Posts: 662

    Well I mean the survivors do already all have unique postures, so are you asking if they should be improved?

    Also I really like David’s posture, he looks very intimidating to me like he’s ready to punch something. I do think some survivors could have a little more interesting poses though so I’ll agree with that.

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