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Developer Update | September 2019

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We are back with another edition of the Developer Update, a series of posts detailing our progress on upcoming features and known issues. This time around, in addition to the normal topics, we’ll have sneak peeks on some changes coming in the mid-chapter update. 


Recently, the matchmaking system was changed to use the highest rank in a Survivor group when searching for a Killer. This change prevents groups from using a single low ranked player to abuse the matchmaker and get less experienced opponents. 

We are on the lookout for any potential edge cases that may remain. To give you an idea of what is expected of the matchmaking system, here’s how the system works: 

  • Survivors are matched to a Killer as close to their rank as possible. 
  • If the Survivor is playing with a group, the highest ranked Survivor’s rank will be used for matchmaking purposes. (e.g. If a rank 1 and rank 10 Survivor are playing together, the game will search for a rank 1 Killer.) 
  • If a match of the same rank is not available, the system will gradually expand the acceptable range until it finds a match. This has a hard limit of 6 ranks above or below your rank. 
  • New players between rank 16 and rank 20 receive an exception to this rule in order to ensure that they can find a match, even when there’s no other new players queuing. 
  • You will not be matched with someone outside of a given range. This is to ensure that your connection to other players is as good as possible. When on dedicated servers, players will be matched to their nearest data center rather than their distance to other players. 
  • Survivors playing in a group with distant friends are an exception to this rule. 

If you experience something outside of this range, please be sure to let us know here: 

Nintendo Switch™ 

Dead by Daylight was just released on the Nintendo Switch™. Welcome to any new players who are joining us! We have received quite a few questions since the launch, so we have taken a moment to organize some of the most frequently asked questions here: 

We have also created a Switch section in the bug reports section of the forums in case you stumble upon any issues as you play:  

Dedicated Servers 

Following the test in the last PTB, we decided to postpone the launch of dedicated servers on the live game while we iron out a few issues. Our new launch target for PC and consoles is Fall 2019. We will be running tests on the live build of the game, on PC only, starting in early October. For more details, click here: 

Dedicated servers have, however, been active on the Nintendo Switch™ since launch. This is essential as the Switch version does not support hosting a game. Any improvements made to dedicated servers on other platforms will make their way to the Nintendo Switch™ as well. 

The Nurse Add-on Update 

A few months back, we announced that we would be revisiting The Nurse’s add-ons to ensure that all of them are as fair as possible and that she has the correct distribution of add-ons (4 common, 5 uncommon, 5 rare, 4 very rare, 2 ultra rare). 

With these changes getting nearer, we would like to share a few of them with you: 

Plaid Flannel 

  • Rarity changed from Very Rare to Common.  
  • The blink indicator placement has been improved and will now stay visible until The Nurse has reached her destination (it was previously not visible while blinking).  

Heavy Panting 

  • Considerably increases maximum blink range. 
  • Considerably increases maximum blink charge time. 

Jenner's Last Breath 

  • After blinking, allows The Nurse to immediately blink back to her original position by pressing the Secondary Power Button. 
  • Requires a blink charge and must be triggered during the chain blink window. 

These add-ons—as well as the rest of The Nurse’s new add-ons—will be available for testing in the upcoming mid-chapter 13 PTB. We will be keeping an eye out for feedback once you have had a chance to give them a try. 

The Archives 

During the 3rd Anniversary Livestream, we revealed The Archives, a new feature loaded with challenges and rewards. This is one of the most ambitious additions to the game yet and it has been in the making for quite some time. We are very excited to release The Archives in the upcoming mid-chapter patch (and preceding Player Test Build). Be sure to keep an eye out for more details in the coming week. 


This concludes the September Developer Update. We have busy months ahead of us, and we are looking forward to seeing what you think of the upcoming changes! 

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