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Dedicated Servers Test: Feedback



  • jordirexjordirex Member Posts: 204

    I play only Huntress. Feedback:

    Sometimes I see for less than a second the animation of someone being hit by a hacthet, but right after using dead hard and avoiding the hatchet (that is pretty discourteous and annoying).

    Some soft short lags during the game, not that common to be a major problem, but still something to improve.

    I don't like at all that the host disconnects from the chat that quickly. I don't know if it has a timer or it's done when every surv leaves lobby (or the killer).

    In overall dedicated servers work well

  • Ark_the_BonsaiArk_the_Bonsai Member Posts: 862

    I keep being hit by Huntresses without their hatchets ever making contact on my screen, most of the same huntresses have complained about their hits not connecting when they should (obviously I can't confirm that side)

    I've also been hit over vaults, pallet or otherwise while my feet are firmly planted on the otherside and I'm moving away by killers that were, on my screen, not even close to the vault. (This is especially frustrating at pallets where that should be impossible no matter what.)

  • TortoiseGodTortoiseGod Member Posts: 3

    As a killer I was rubber banding around because of high ping. And killer ques are to long to leave and look for another. please revert

  • crowscythe13crowscythe13 Member Posts: 8

    So first off I like dedicated server I think it will help, but after play of killer match I will have to say this, A) with dedicated server it [BAD WORD] over people like me who have [BAD WORD] internet and can’t do anything about. Out of 7 games of killer 5 of them ended with my internet dcing me and me not getting anything for the match because of it. This has never happened to me as killer until dedicated server happened and what I think should happen is have it reward people who are dc’ed to internet issues while not giving anything to people who leave the game to there own will. Because people who want to play the game but have bad internet can’t control it and suffer thanks to dedicated servers. B) while playing there are still hit box thing that [BAD WORD] me such as huntress hatchet clearly hitting but not doing damage or plague vomit not doing anything. C) with dedicated server another thing you could do is if killer is having internet issues the game pauses for a couple seconds and if it isn’t fixed then the killer dc because it unfair to people with bad internet to play killer then instantly dc with no warning. I know it’s going to happen to me because my game screen freezes then it says I dc and I get nothing from it. What I want is a way for people with something they can’t control to not get punished after waiting for 15-20 minutes to find a lobby and getting nothing out of it.

  • AldoferAldofer Member Posts: 103

    nope it was like i gen grab when i should have miss

    the experience was mediocre sometime it was okay and sometime it's very bad, need to work on those server

  • ColonGlockColonGlock Member Posts: 414

    My killer matches have been great but I am only one state away from the East Coast server.

  • kevnsanitykevnsanity Member Posts: 3

    Just a question first:

    Why is everyone being forced to test dedicated servers on the live servers when they are nowhere near ready?

    1. Myers can stalk through walls for an entire tier. His bar also regresses a bit when he stops stalking.
    2. A lot of nonsense hits-- even more so outside of regular dbd experience (both evident in chainsaw hits, hatchet hits, and normal killer attacks)
    3. Killer still lags
    4. Loads of de-sync
    5. Why is everyone being forced to test dedicated servers on the live servers when they are nowhere near ready?
  • kevnsanitykevnsanity Member Posts: 3

    Not to be a jerk, but if you know your internet is crap, you shouldn't be playing killer, as you are the host, and it ruins the entire experience for anyone trying to play in your match.

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,407
    edited October 2019

    The servers are just horrible. Revert back too the one with the Demogorgon PTB because those servers were great. These servers have surviviors:

    1: Clip through the Killer

    2: Teleport small distances, making it hard too hit them.

    3: Make Killers hits go through people half the time and still miss, or I'll completely wiff it and they still take damage.

    Honestly, you guys have testers, but nothing ever feels tested. These servers feel rushed and half baked, which is a shame because they could Improve the game's health 10 fold.

  • rolame2hermanarolame2hermana Member Posts: 3

    Hi, im from mexico, so sorry for my bad english.

    Here, as killer, ive noticed, in general, survivors connection its going better, before that i used to see people playing in pings beetween 45 & 450 latest days after the last update, but now i see people ~~130 &150, that's honestly not bad, i mean that is my usual ping as survivor, then like killer the downgrade is obvious, but i preeffer play against players whose have the same ping that me, that play against players with ping of 200 or 300 who dissconnects or suicide at the first chance they have, making the game more boring to all of us.

    An issue that ive noticed as killer, cuz i play mostly killer, its that i hit more "fakehits" than before.

    I hope u can fix it as soon posible, but i really trust we can reach the max performance of the dedicated servers

    I <3 BeHvr

  • jayden1234jayden1234 Member Posts: 1

    Just want to get the game it is so awesome but i don't know what to do i sign in but 😢😢😢

  • GVoidV2GVoidV2 Member Posts: 1

    Here's what I noticed:

    Ping always in 70s; not much of an issue. I live in the Bay Area, CA.

    Huntress hatchets have way too much desync. It's incredble sometimes and it makes it irratating to go against them.

    Other than that, I legit didn't even notice. I think if dedicated servers had a wider area of reach then most people wouldnt have the issues they are having now.

    Are the dedicated servers hosted at your HQ or set up around the world? If so, where are the server locations?

  • sekkimasekkima Member Posts: 54

    The same problems as all the previous comments, I think the problem cannot be solved with the code, it is the connection, very few locations, I understand that there are servers in the United States and Brazil ... and in Central America?

    The question is, why were they activated in the public game if they already knew the problems ?, I can not imagine that others like Fortnite or LOL put things without trying them, I hope they publish when they deactivate the dedicated servers, now I see why many people leave the game, they seem to be unable to solve problems and only add more together with their cosmetics.

  • kevnsanitykevnsanity Member Posts: 3

    EXACTLY THIS. it makes NO sense why they put dedicated servers alpha testing on live servers. No consent. Not on a PTB. But on LIVE servers. It's evident that they don't play their own game.

  • NenkieNenkie Member Posts: 43
    edited October 2019

    The killer is stuned and in the oposite side of the pallet but I'm getting hit anyways, also dead hard seems useless, it always register the hit first.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,569
    edited October 2019

    I haven't noticed anything game-breaking. My ping is about 50ms. Projectiles with Plague felt fine. I've noticed some occasional input lag, and there are times where my weapon swings just felt off and I was shocked they didn't connect. Almost like I somehow swung short. I have ~900 hrs playtime, so it'll take a bit for my muscle memory to adjust for latency on killer. Issues for me have been few and far between though. Definitely not a "sky is falling" scenario like many are claiming. 95% of the game felt normal. My verdict: Good job. Looking forward to the finished product.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 573

    Literally every problem that dedicated servers were intended to fix are unchanged or worse.

    Hit detection: So many more unfair hits where you were literally already running away from a vault and still get hit by a killer that swings at it (and Im not talking them hitting you through the window because you were still close to it Im talking you werent even close to the window anymore or were on the other side of the pallet already. Dead hard works even less than it does on p2p. On servers I use dead hard get exhausted and then proceed to go down before the dash even happens 10x more often than I do on p2p.

    DCs: Changes to stop this literally not implemented yet.

    Bugs: So many more bugs

    Playing Killer: Grabs inconsistent as [BAD WORD] (already buggy on p2p). Minor rubber banding.

  • ItqItq Member Posts: 27
    edited October 2019

    DH feels a lot worse with dedicated servers.

    I get exhausted, but still got hit. Same thing happened with p2p but with dedicated servers that shouldn't be possible. If i get exhausted and server registers that I used DH, (immune to hit) then how server can register hit as hit?

    Hits trough pallets and windows feels worse too.

    On Nurse there is moments when I get weird speed boost instead fatigue after blinks.

    Pretty much what @SkeletalElite said. Everything what servers were intented to fix is actually worse.

  • Tucking_FriggeredTucking_Friggered Member Posts: 636

    I was pleasantly surprised after watching the videos depicting horrible lag. I didn't have any issues that I noticed.

  • Tucking_FriggeredTucking_Friggered Member Posts: 636

    Dead Hard doesn't make you immune to hits. There are no Iframes. It only boost you forward.

  • DBDbuildsYTDBDbuildsYT Member Posts: 1,042

    abysmal experience.

    Laggy movement and input as killer.

    Rubber banding as survivors.

    Please remove them completely, they are clearly a downgrade

  • Mystaria13Mystaria13 Member Posts: 403


    Survivor dc's haven't counted toward sacrifice for awhile now unless they had been hooked twice when they dc'd. You can't expect it to give you credit for a sacrifice on a survivor that you hadn't even hooked. I'm surprised you are just noticing this because it's been like that for me for awhile.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 725

    I had a match where I was going to perform a hook grab as The Nurse, but then didn't. My hand went up to grab, and then nothing happened, and I went into fatigue.

    Something completely unrelated: it appeared as if a tier one Meyers hit me from 2 meters away (we were both moving away from one another as he swung). Please either shorten the cones or shorten the duration of the lunge. The band-aid fix of just covering up the inaccuracies by trying to move the killer and survivor closer together once the hit registers looks sloppy on killers like Hag or Huntress, especially at the tip of their lunges.

  • Mystaria13Mystaria13 Member Posts: 403

    My main concern is hitboxes. They have been bad for awhile now and got even worse when demo was released. I play pc and ps4 and hit boxes are a lot worse on ps4. On ps4 I'm getting hit through obstacles and around corners and over 4 pallet lengths away on good ping while on pc hit boxes are a bit better. With the dedicated servers hitboxes still need help and pallet vaults and windows vault hit boxes are bad and it always seems to lag bit right before you vault and that always results in you getting hit. I don't know what the problem is but dead hard still doesn't work all the time no matter how early you hit it but dedicated servers are a lot better than they were during the first ptb and I've noticed a lot of improvement in areas other than hit boxes.

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 1,834
    edited October 2019

    I played mostly Nurse during the servers, and it was actually quite good to be honest. I got a stable 60-100ms throughout the matches. The only thing that felt weird was that after coming out of the blink, I was set back a tiny bit, like something like 20cm or so. Barely noticeable if your blinks are precise already though.

  • FenrirclemoFenrirclemo Member Posts: 4

    It is 9 AM in the UK, Killer games are consistent 192 ping (i think NA west) as huntress she is barely playable at the minute,

    I played several Survivor games this morning and last night and i am getting consistent 92 ping which is very smooth and no problems at all.

  • estebanokestebanok Member Posts: 3

    Please remove the dedicated servers, they sucks, as a killer is unplayable and as a survivor can't loop because everybody use killers like the huntress exploiting the lag hitbox, this sucks. If you jump through the window the killer can hit you far from you. I have stable 120ms but it is too bad.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 587
    edited October 2019

    Nearest server: Frankfurt

    My Country: Germany

    Average ping with servers: 50ms, 150ms when too many use the internet in my students' hostel

    Average ping without servers: 50-150ms depending on the host, not below 180ms for the 2nd case (often more about 210ms)

    Stable? Yes. More than before.

    Survivor gameplay: Felt the same. Huntress got some interesting hits on me and the killer got screwed by auto aim (I think) at a window trying to M1 me during my med vault one time. I could easily adjust to the new lag during Skillchecks, but DH screws me over more than before. I get exhausted, but don't do the dash and the killer still hits me.

    Killer gameplay (Freddy and Myers): Felt roughly the same. With Freddy I felt no difference, and sometimes the response was better than before.

    With Myers there was only the problem, that when I stalked for a longer time (>0.5s), my stalk progression reset a bit, when I stopped stalking. This can lead to the 2x EWIII issue some people have. It did not happen to me, maybe because I really 99ed it and usually "overstalk" a bit when getting EWIII.

    Edit: PS. Killer experience was with 50ms ping. I don't like to play killer when my connection is crap.

  • KumakxKumakx Member Posts: 127


    he just canceled ew3. Later that game he stalked survivor trough the wall on the loop.

    I myself couldn't reveal Ghostface earlier today when he was standing 3m from me in the open (nothing around him, not even a little rock).

    Also queues are terrible. Yesterday I've been waiting like 10mins for killer lobby so i switched to survivor and due to all the lobby bugs i had to wait about the same. Today i played some survivor and it was better fortunately.

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