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  • tinytiny Member Posts: 1

    Most of my survivor lobbies were fine, consistent yellow ping, and less long wait. However, I encountered lobbies with no killer and waited around 10-15 mins before deciding to search for a new one. Matches were okay too, I get lags on the beginning part but it eventually gets smooth. Hope this helps.

  • crowscythe13crowscythe13 Member Posts: 8

    anyone can play killer even if there internet is crap even if they are the host not to mention that everyone gets killer quest so saying not to do it won’t stop anyone from doing it besides I suck as killer, so the survivors normally all get away

  • ZekeyZekey Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2019

    I had no problems before this besides the old "Corrupt Cloud Data" problem... Which happened once. I played 5 games and I ALWAYS disconnect in the middle of the match while trying to suffer through huge lag spikes as killer and the same is for survivor as well... Which I'm bad at. The only game I played since the update was a Custom that didn't DC me...

  • then4321then4321 Member Posts: 129

    The first day dedicated servers went live on pc, I had a consistent 45ms, which I assumed would be the case since one of the server locations is in Oregon and that's where I live.

    However, the very next day, I couldn't get a game any less than 110ms. Do you know what's going wrong? I hope bringing it to attention helps letting the right people know, in order to fix the problem.

  • muka3112muka3112 Member Posts: 5
    edited October 2019

    Played with billy mostly and some hag/hunt.

    -Impossible to hit melee saw, survivors start flicking/blinking as soon as they make contact with killer body, thats impossible to keep track/body bloack properly;

    -if not enough, almost always it seems like they change direction so fast there's no turning animation plus there's a consistent survivor"phasing";

    -half my saws that should score a hit just end like they hit an obstacle(windows/narrow paths/survs near walls)

    -Turning feels totally Ewww.

    Even basic hits feel completely messy.

    As awful as it can be. Completely unplayable for any killer who heavily rely on power for downs.

    Edit: 15~25 ms every match, South murica.

  • sekkimasekkima Member Posts: 61

    Is there any date planned to disable them?

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745
    edited October 2019

    Dedicated servers are so bad im refusing to play until they are removed. massive delay on killer power like plague puke, weird and clunky interactions like when vaulting or kicking a generator or breaking a pallet, I saw that now if the killer and the survivor are on the hatch at the same moment it opens the survivor can get out which is stupid. this is just my experience though I didn't test all the killers because I got so fed up with the BS that these servers have caused I got off and refuse to play until the dedicated servers are REMOVED. they need to be DELAYED AGAIN or if they are not SEVERELY IMPROVED UPON they will KILL DBD

    also grabbing survivors is a complete RNG, sometimes you will grab them other times you will start the grab animation only for it to cancel and the survivor keeps going on their merry way

  • SteelDragonSteelDragon Member Posts: 745

    if you think the dedicated servers are fine atm then enjoy lobby simulator because most killer mains/players will quite and there will be a problem of to many survivors and not enough killers because atm dedicated servers are a HUGE NERF to killers all around when overall killers are already weak even on P2P. P2P atm is better than these crap dedicated servers

  • GODOGGODOG Member Posts: 17

    The Shape is basically unplayable now. If you don't stalk to 100% immediately he will lose a quarter of his stalk progress. The Trapper now always steps in his own traps. Ghost Face will also lose stalk progress and his reveal mechanic is even more inconsistent. The fact lobbies fill up first makes dodging or telling what is a SWF group impossible now.

    Why, why god, why is this live instead of being in a PTB.

  • Arik13Arik13 Member Posts: 67

    I get around 70-100 ping every game both survivor and killer


    • Love it
    • No more bs hits through windows and pallets (or a lot less)
    • every game has stable green ping
    • queues are not terrrible
    • easier to find games with swf


    • Not as fresh as before
    • a bit jittery
    • still playable and doesnt really make that much difference tbh
  • korean_zombiekorean_zombie Member Posts: 343

    Window vaults give killer hits pretty long after survivor vaulted. Experienced pretty annoying lag in 1 of 4 matches. Others were fine, survivor isn't exactly where displayed. Can be off about a meter. Survivor glitched to spot hit registered (huntress hatchet throw)

  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 461

    I got completely glitched in a game and wasted half an hour maxing out with BPS and BBQ only to have to disconnect because of this test. There's a reason we have PTB.

  • night_with_younight_with_you Member Posts: 16

    Remove the servers immediately, please. It is very disgraceful to force all players to test your uncompleted product without previously informing and asking for their permission.

    If you want to test your servers,

    1. put it on a PTB and let players themselves decide if they want to try it.
    2. If u have a hard time finding enough volunteers, just pay for a group of players testing it 24/7. Stop take advantage of your player base as free labor to finish your unpolished work

    Devs, I am losing respect to you.

  • sekkimasekkima Member Posts: 61
    edited October 2019

    I am really fed up, I am sorry, we are customers, not laboratory rats, I hope they retire during the weekend, otherwise, I will try to request a refund for a product in poor condition and I already leave this BAD WORD game.

  • VictoryVictory Member Posts: 166

    Borderline unplayable, please take the test off now, This really shouldnt go into the weekend. On the survivor end you just get smakced while the killer is in stun animation, some powers cannot even be used, and overall its really clunky.

  • nikstormnikstorm Member Posts: 22

    I am tired of testing your incompetence to get this right. Put it on the PTB. Hit boxes are way to big. Delays in dropping pallets. Delay in kicking generators and hooking surviviors. This is the worse it has ever been it almosty UNPLAYABLE on survivor size. Que times are even longer now.

  • IAmGrubbsIAmGrubbs Member Posts: 3

    I am of the opinion that the new servers are awful, and I will explain why.

    Ping has been just fine, anywhere from 30-70 ms ping.

    So far playing as survivor: Killers have teleported through objects, landed hits that should be impossible, and items moved from where they were.

    Killers teleporting: On mother's dwelling while running a loop around a pallet, trapper teleported through rocks next to house and was able to make a hit without any reason.

    Hits that should be impossible: Killer reach is extremely messed up, I understand being able to be hit through a window or vault, but if you jump out of the window on haddonfield to the balcony, and get hit from the window while falling off the room, that is an issue. Killer swinging WAY behind you and connecting with hits that should have had no chance. Dropping a pallet on a killer, with no attack animation getting hits. and killers hitting pallets, after they are down, making the sound, and it still hitting the survivor.

    Items moved from where they were: During the hit falling off of the roof, the killer had Franklin's demise. When going back to find the medkit I dropped, which should have been in the bushes. It was found halfway into the room of the window the killer attacked from originally.

    After playing as killer, I have noticed little to no change in how anything looks or feels other than random hits that should/shouldn't have hit and did/didn't.

    Whether or not you find this constructive is entirely up to you. Those are my opinions and experiences in the game so far since this "test" went live on the live server and not the test server. I also feel that the live server is not the place to test things out, since there will be no compensation for items or bloodpoints that are lost due to issues with the servers.

  • Tod_Der_LügeTod_Der_Lüge Member Posts: 8

    Can't play as The Shape.

    Can't really use his power at all, 90% of the time it won't stalk.

    Laggy as fu

  • BunnyTheHuttBunnyTheHutt Member Posts: 1,415

    The matchmaking is just the worst. My experience so far (on both sides) is just horrible.

    Survivor: I dropped a pallet on a killer, he got pushed back by it, but it didn't stun him. I've been hit straight through windows and pallets, and not like before, I'll be on the complete other side and still take damage, and the weird hiccups make juking so hard.

    Killer: My weapon will go through survivors and miss, or vise versa. You can't grab survivors anymore as killer, the latency between survivor and killer makes it impossible. (Trapper) my traps will move position slightly for no apparent reason. Monto's latest video on Huntress proves how horrible it is for her.

    Please remove the servers until it is actually tested. These are things that should have been caught internally but wasn't. Please fix it then release it live.

  • hemlockhemlock Member Posts: 95

    Laggy movement and input as killer.

  • rch614rch614 Member Posts: 486

    Not been having fun. Hitbox issues are insane sometimes and I've gotten hit over pallet drops and windows far more than I ever have on P2P.

    Queue times aren't really consistent. Sometimes I get a lobby in 30 secs, other times it takes upwards of 10 mins, especially as survivor.

    But my main issue is definitely hitboxes, particularly with Huntress and Demogorgon. A lot of things are hitting when they really look like they shouldn't.

  • JudgeReddsJudgeRedds Member Posts: 5

    Where to start ...

    1.Long queue times to end up in a 128 ping dedicated server.

    2.Desync in both 60 ping and 128 ping dedicated servers making the ping feel like 2x-3x the latency. Killer can be in the area of 10 meters behind you and get hit through pallet as his client says he hit you but on survivor client he whiffed.

    3.No option to not play dedicated servers.

    4.Unknown error. Before game . After game.

    5.Cant use dead hard to evade attacks. Dead hard will give you exhaustion but no invincibility frames.

    I cannot wait for dedicated servers to be turned off... they are crushing my soul.

  • McPhisto2051McPhisto2051 Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2019
    1. I often get hit over 3m away from the windows and fall down faaar away from them (before you got rubberbanded back to the window)
    2. We just a had a lobby without killer
    3. Huntress' axes are really hitting when you're around the corner and can see them disappearing in thin air before hitting you (in a p2p perhaps but on server which should exactly prevent such stuff???)
    4. New Bug:
    5. We experienced a game where I could not rescue another survivor from a hook neither could the hooked one try himself the unhook-action. He was lucky a third survivor could unhook him... WTF?!?
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  • pejiipejii Member Posts: 19
    edited October 2019

    last night I had long waiting time for lobbies as killer and 4 out of 5 lobbies that I would find would stuck in loading page into the lobby, then after a long loading screen the NAT error and back to searching for another lobby.

    one of my games that finally got started, I wasn't able to do much in the game and after the match ended, I found out that I was paired with red ranks of 3 and 2 while I'm a level 13~11 killer (I was 11 at that match, all 4 survivors were reds in 3s and 2s)

    I did experience locker pulling issues that others have reported before, haven't done a single gen pulling so far to report on that.

    beside all the other issues I had with the dedicated servers that I have listed before, so far I haven't found anything else new.

    will play more and report back, but so far not liking the ptb servers, specially since I can't play hag anymore on them with the current delays on trap spawns that can't hit survivors 99% of the times.

    P.S. still around 100ms ish ping.

  • FichteHiroFichteHiro Member Posts: 586

    The servers are not bad, but I’ve been experiencing some weird visual glitches, for instance:

    1. I’m playing Freddy, place a Snare, and his hand glitches out, remaining on the same animation. This won’t stop unless I perform an attack.
    2. The Huntress’ Hatchets...

    The hitboxes also seem inconsistent. I score some weird hits and some other obvious hits aren’t scored.

    The Huntress’ Hatchets and the Plague’s vomit are kinda broken, the hitboxes are just weird and there are a bunch of visual glitches.

    However, hits at Windows and Pallets seem to be more fair now.

  • mila_kunismila_kunis Member Posts: 11

    The simple fact is, with dedicated servers, lag compensation is required to sync everybodys connection smoothly. DBD does not have that. THAT is why the game feels choppy, stuttery, mouse movement for killer feels like you took pills from grandmas medicine cabinet.

    If you aren't going to implement lag compensation, don't even try dedicated servers.

  • ndyingtmlgndyingtmlg Member Posts: 1

    I really dont like these servers. I dont live in EU btw. Survivor when i play as them i dont need low ping to play, literally 270 ping is fine. killer is now impossible to play! I cant blink or lunge as nurse cus of 200 ping, damaging gens and hooking takes longer. Any killer gameplay feels impossible. now even i really needed good ping i could of joined local killers but cant now! Sure servers load faster but i have a very bad experience. all i would like is to use killer as host.

    thank you

  • kermit_snacc_chokekermit_snacc_choke Member Posts: 197

    Well the dedicated servers are tbh quite bad. I was up against leatherfaces and their chainsaw hit me from when I was 3-4 metres away, slow vaults in a chase are now a death sentence as you can get hit after a second when u finish vaulting, basically hitboxes are rly bad rn. But that's all I've encountered so far

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 1,847

    So, I played some more Nurse yesterday. Ping at 60-100ms to the server. I noticed a few things, both positive and negative.

    1. Post blink hits are finally more consistent. With peer to peer, I landed alot of ghost hits. Survivor was at point blank range, and litterally infront of me, yet my attack missed for some reason sometimes. With dedicated servers those ghost hits are nearly eliminated.
    2. Survivors dropping pallets on a Nurse midblink can nullify it completely now. On P2P, survivors had to time it perfectly for that to work, but with dedicated servers it always works now. I blink to the other side of the pallet, and start swinging at the survivor, half a second later, I get teleported back to the other side, and consequently miss my swing. I don't know if its intended or not, but it takes away all skill and precision from pallet stunning a blinking Nurse.
    3. You can now get stuck in dropped pallets in the process described above. Luckily the Nurse can blink out with no problem, but it still looks weird, and should be fixed.
    4. Going out of a blink without swinging does weird movement sometimes. Usually I get teleported back half a metre or so. In rare instances I get catapulted forward for like 5 metres for like a second or 2. I am unable to swing when that happens.

  • zarrzarr Member Posts: 34

    I'm pretty sure you are still running hit detection on the killer's machine, from their perspective alone, no lag compensation or hit validation. I was playing on ~50ms servers consistently, and killers were landing ridiculous hits through and over pallets and windows consistently, particularly if they had bad connections. Dedicated servers obviously introduce more lag between any two players than peer-to-peer, and so if you still run hit detection on the killer's client, it is only natural that the killer's latency advantage increases. The very thing that I had hoped dedicated servers would finally rid us of.

    If there won't be server-sided hit detection or at least validation, nor lag compensation, why exactly was the switch to dedicated servers made at all? It not only makes things worse, but now you can't even tell what the connection of your opponent to the server is, i. e. you can't dodge opponents with [BAD WORD] connections.

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