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Dedicated Servers Test: Feedback



  • BigBubsBigBubs Member Posts: 1,131

    Just give us a freaking ping filter instead of those crap servers...

    I rather filter out all the 100+ ping lobbies that I keep getting over and over and wait slightly longer for a below 100 ping instead of having a permanent 95 ping on your servers and have to play killer with a permanent delay of a .5-1.0 seconds on their power which just makes me not want to play at all. I really love the game but if that's what we get in the end then I'll have to quit and play something that I will enjoy and not get frustrated over.

    And to point out - I'm mostly playing survivor but do play killer as well and I am far from being a tryhard and let survivors live pretty often but I didn't enjoy playing killer on the servers with that delay on power usage (ghostface). This delay just messed up the whole game.

  • LapisInfernalisLapisInfernalis Member Posts: 972

    @Gonzalo Hmmmm. I don't know where the main cables from the servers are going but sometimes you get weird connections across the world which are quite fast because it's direct. And other times you connect to the geographical nearest server with a bad connection because your signal has to go through X points before.

  • Biggles1Biggles1 Member Posts: 36

    When playing as killer, I would get a “disconnected from host” error at the end game screen after the game ended. I would not get any of my Bloodpoints and would loose my addons/offering.

    Also, not sure if it is related to the servers or some other patch changes, but queue time were horrible and 1 out of every 3 games seemed to have crashed after the offering screen.

  • TheDuhJTheDuhJ Member Posts: 53

    Also survivors get through hatch when killer closes it. Makes me question what intentions are with the design

  • AsikrAsikr Member Posts: 1

    I am playing a game in Asia.

    From a survivor's standpoint, the server was pretty good.

    It was good not to catch the red-ping and we had to wait a long time, but we got a maximum of 50 to 60 when we went in.

    But it wasn't the killer.

    Murder was quite a difficult sensation to use at 50 to 60 pings.

    The killer could only play his usual game after 20 to 30 pings.

    Still, it was the most useful server ever patched.

    Sometimes Lang was matched with a low-key killer.

  • SairekSairek Member Posts: 4,974

    I had my hand with the servers. We'll start with killer first.

    Killer was... uh, bad. My ping was awful. No matter how many times I tried, I would always get matched with a yellow ping server of around 130~180 ping. Games went about as well as you'd think. Queue times were also around 20 minutes long, so leaving the higher ping servers after 20 minutes only to have to wait another 20 minutes, hoping I'd get a better server was not engaging in the least.

    I played 4 killers. Huntress, Myers, Wraith and Hag in that order.

    Huntress: Hitting survivors is awful, both for her and against. Survivor movements are incredibly jerky and impossible to read, so it's just guess work. They snap from left to right. There were times I'd throw a hatchet, the survivor would "jump" to a completely different direction, and sometimes I'd hit them, sometimes I'd miss them. The hatchets having a jerky and delayed motion also feels about as awful as you'd expect. Maybe this would be much better on lower ping, but it's not like I had that choice.

    Reloading is absolutely awful. There was a time when I tried to reload at a locker and I would interact with the locker, rubberband back 6~8 meters, do the reload animation (without the locker opening) and not get my hatchets. The survivors literally watched this happen and voiced it in the end game chat.

    Myers: I love tiering up to tier 3 three times. Also tiering up to tier 3 again after tier 3 ended. Easiest "tier up 4 times" daily in my life.

    It's impossible to 99% with Myers, the delay to stalk makes him miserable to play as, and the above glitch is not good at all. It makes it too difficult to quickly pop tier 3 and down someone. You need a good entire second to stalk, get tier 3, and stab someone.

    Hag: I didn't notice anything too bad. Just the usual lag. I did teleport to a trap and got rubber banded back to where I teleported from once, only to teleport back to where I had initially tried to warp to. Was very jerky and disorienting.

    Wraith: I've had situations where I wouldn't uncloak, despite uncloaking. So I'd have to uncloak twice. Same for cloaking. I've also had situations where I didn't slow down when uncloaking at all.

    General Killer: Breaking pallets, or generators, opening lockers, hit registration, stun registration, etc. All of these are delayed, slowed, jerky, or cause some sort of rubber banding. I've had situations where pallets have just outright not stunned me, despite even making the stun sound clip. I've been stuck in the grab animation, walking around with my hand out when yoinking survivors off of things. Match making with ranks was alright. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    Survivor: As a survivor, I was getting between 70 to 140 ping. Matchmaking with ranks would often put me with rank literal 20 survivors and killers (I'm rank 9 survivor atm).

    I experienced a couple rubberbanding issues. I was grabbed off of a generator an entire second after I had let go of it (this was on the laggier servers for me). Flash lights seem horrible to time, due to the delays, though I won't pretend I'm good at flash lights and maybe I'm just timing it wrong. Playing against Ghost Face was uh... laughably bad. It's like his inconsistency on revealing him doubled. Either twice as difficult as before, or twice as easy when he's not even in line of sight.

    I've had DS fail on me twice, despite hitting the skill check. This was a rare problem before dedicated servers so may not be related at all, but I thought it was worth noting.

    Hits were a bit more "bull" than usual for the pings. I never experienced anything too egregious, especially knowing how dedicated servers work (for the most part). But there was always the inkling on my mind where I would think to myself "That probably wouldn't have hit if dedicated servers weren't on for this ping."

  • MrMadMaskMrMadMask Member Posts: 28

    Very good, very good. Except for some shoddy grabs that were randomly turned to nothing, overall great experience.

    But I had a stable 80 ping, and other people that live farther away from the servers seem to have a lot more problems, so... Yeah, you should check that.

  • DrJonesDrJones Member Posts: 3

    I find it run pretty smooth, other than small lag spike, character moves positions randomly when standing, but i find whenever the huntress hits me while im running, it always hit about 3 meters back from my actual character, makes it impossible to run them around if i can predict if im getting hit or not

  • BlueBoyBlueBoy Member Posts: 1

    I've played a few games with different killers, and a few games as Survivors.

    First i'll say a bit about Survivor, as it's the role i got the least issues with. I had problems when vaulting and dropping pallets. It would lag when i started the animation, and stutter halfway through. When vaulting this sometimes caused me to get hit when i really shouldn't have been hit. Another note; The Vaults sometimes did not happen. I would do the animation for vaulting, but not go through, and have to vault again in order to go through.

    Now, onto Killers, where i experienced alot of issues especially with their powers.

    Nurse stutters and rubberbands when blinking. Once a blink ends, my nurse would randomly stutter and seem to teleport slightly further back before im able to lunge or blink again, which made me miss quite often.

    As Myers and Ghostface, the stalking was off. Sometimes a survivor would be standing clearly visible, and i would not be able to stalk them. And a few times i was able to stalk survivors through small objects without seeing them (Like rocks and trees)

    Billy and Bubba's chainsaws were delayed on startup animation, and especially with Billy the chainsaw would miss despite doing the 'hit' animation. Along with minor stuttering in the first second of the chainsaw sprint. Bubba's chainsaw would stutter and lag whenever i rounded a corner. Sometime making me hit nothing and go into a frenzy which cost me the chase.

    Demogorgon; The Shred attack hitbox was wildly inconsistent and stuttered mid-pounce.

    Huntress; Hatchet went through survivors.

    Plague; Vomit was very inconsistent. Going through survivors, walls, objects. Even hitting them when it clearly didnt hit.

    Generally all killers had problems with kicking Gens and Pallets. The animation would stutter, lag and get delayed. To a point where i'd do the animation. Then stand still for a second before the action is actually done and the gen or pallet is damaged/broken.

    The experience has been a massive downgrade from the normal p2p it previously was. And i do not want to see these dedicated servers go up to live permanently if these issues are not fixed.

  • Pleb47Pleb47 Member Posts: 5

    The servers are awful because the ping Is absolutely unstable

  • RedBigEvilDevilRedBigEvilDevil Member Posts: 15

    I played for killers, and in 90% case i can't grab survivors, when they unhooking or do the generator.

    Also nurse blinks have obvious server synchronization, after few games, you will get brain lag.

    As Mayers you need always look at power, when stalking coz server synchronization is bad.

    Broke pallets\gens also have bad synchronization with in-game progress.

  • GODOGGODOG Member Posts: 17

    I'm glad it's over.

    I had 50ms ping and still encountered game breaking glitches.

  • dreamsy10dreamsy10 Member Posts: 24

    For me ping was very nice... 50 ms, better than killer's lobby which i have always +120... i just saw a bug with myers when you tier up.. or when you tier to 3, its like doubled or something... i hope dedicated servers will be back official.

  • pejiipejii Member Posts: 32

    lets sum it up (my experience):

    as a survivor, it was meh.

    as killer the dedicated servers were terrible.

  • akasilveradoakasilverado Member Posts: 8

    I'm pretty sure its your internet. On dedicated servers everyone relays on your own WIFI. Since this new change makes killers lag. You are lagging while blinking because of your WIFI. It seems like a bad thing but in my mind its a good thing... This means its fair. Not only do survivor's suffer from lag switching killer but killers suffer from their internet now.

  • casedistortedcasedistorted Member Posts: 58

    I think you guys should copy Overwatch when it comes to disconnection mechanics.

    If a person disconnects whether on purpose or on accident, make it so the next 1-2 matches they play have -50% or -75% bloodpoint XP until they finish their next match.

    This would deter people from disconnecting but also not ban people for disconnecting on accident (due to this d/c bug I've been experiencing where I have disconnected more randomly in the past couple weeks than I have in the last couple years of playing).

    So if you d/c once, you will get -50% bp for one match, if you d/c more than once in a certain time period you will get -75% bp for a couple matches, or as much as you wanted to put it.

    I saw Overwatch do it after I d/c'd from a match and realized, this would be a great mechanic for DBD if they ever listened to their community, lol.

  • SlaymoreSlaymore Member Posts: 440

    No change in hitbox garbage, no change in pallet mechanics, no change in unknown errors, lobbies on killer side still took nearly 15 mins and then you have to cross your fingers that no one dc'd during load.

    No ability to see the killers name... so I saw MANY dc's during load when the killer offering didn't flip since they couldn't tell who the killer was and didn't trust them to be a dick.

  • slimeslimeslimeslime Member Posts: 41

    I get fast queue times as red rank survivor (never the case before) so that's a big plus to me. playing on Asia btw

  • CreampuffPupCreampuffPup Member Posts: 1

    At first the servers were fine, minimal lag but a hiccup hear and there (i.e. getting hit through a window despite being far on the other side) but as time went on the issues became more and more prevalent, (i.e. lagging into walls or corners, healed survivors going back to inured with just needing a tap to heal, and straight up rubberbanding back to the killer or behind a window, and the worst; some actions taking a full second to start) while the servers have come a long way, they still have a ways to go. Here's to hoping for Fall dedicated servers.

  • Sn0wJobSn0wJob Member Posts: 247

    It's the same desync you guys havent fixed, it's been 5 months c'mon.

    Set aside project time for servers, like real project time. You guys are better than this, stop slacking.

  • ShisemiShisemi Member Posts: 2

    Just as a side note to my previous post: queues were fast on both sides, ping was always green (between 40 and 60 ms) and quite stable, but desynch is a bigger issue than consistant 200 ms of P2P games. Imagine downing a survivor and then looking for him for 30 seconds because his body ended up few meters away from you...

  • debdeedebdee Member Posts: 15

    Had some issues with breaking pallets / generators, sometimes you would kick them in an angle and there was some delay to the action every time. Killer powers took some time to update, like the bottle count as Clown. Problems with grabbing survivors, it would show the animation, freeze for a second and not grab them. Lockers were buggy, you could get stuck IN them, not inside of them, both as a killer and a survivor. Huntress hatchets were OP.

    Ping was really good and stable. My survivor experience was a little better than before.

    Most were probably mentioned already but eh? Overall a good experience for me, mainly because of my bad connection.

  • ForgiveMyEngrishForgiveMyEngrish Member Posts: 23
    edited October 2019

    The amount of disconnects during loading games, on the start of game and random people being disconnected in situations where they definitely didn't disconnect purposely is going up. I've also gotten disconnects later in game myself a few times.

  • AnGuSxDAnGuSxD Member Posts: 2

    Give me back my dedicated Servers <3 never had so much fun in this game. They were great!

  • sekkimasekkima Member Posts: 180

    Can you disable those crap at once?.

    It is still horrible, perhaps they fail to understand that the problem is the connection? If they try the servers in the same city where they are located, they obviously work great.

    pretty bad job so far

  • crowscythe13crowscythe13 Member Posts: 14
    edited October 2019

    First time dedicated servers went live as a survivor it was fine for as killer it became impossible to play. If someone has better ping than you you are [BAD WORD] and it becomes unfair. I was glad to see it going and one week later here we are again with the same flawed system. Here’s my problem with it I get a killer quest no matter what when I get a survivor quest it gets changed without me using a reroll despite me wanting the survivor quest. And it rare for me to get survivor quest so I’m forced to play killer on my [BAD WORD] internet and computer. At least with the killer as host it was a fair playing field because I was at a disability with my frame but now despite the smoother walking and hitting it’s unfair and here’s the reasons. 1) I get lagged back into a wall when I’m about to find and stop a survivor doing a gen ever 2 minutes. 2) for some reason it seems that the survivors are faster than me a killer and can out run me despite me chasing them and me having blood lust. 3) I have had someone be on my screen walking then as I go for the hit they are no where in sight and aren’t injured. 4) if someone is on good ping and your not they already won because they get priority on there thing so I can hit them but they some how dodge it dispite me honestly not being able to miss. Aka trapping someone in a corner and missing them. 5) I open a locker and there a pause like a survivor is in it but there wasn’t. This has happen to me at least 3 times now since dedicated servers came out. In story stop putting the flawed dedicated server system on live for people who are trying to play getting [BAD WORD] because of it. Either put it on the ptb until it’s fixed or keep working on it and not put it out again after one week after the last test

  • sekkimasekkima Member Posts: 180

    Okay, I just say that the servers are still bad, but I have noticed an improvement these days (100 ms), I still have delays with the nurse (annoying, but it is already playable) and as a survivor I only have complaints with the Huntress, the Hitboxs are absurd.

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