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No struggle phase on second hook

JiggleWiggleJiggleWiggle Member Posts: 88

The platform was PlayStation

The map Coldwind Rancid Abbatoir

The killer a legion with an mouldy oak offering.

The killer hooked everyone 2 times. First hook there was no option for 'Attempt Escape'.

No one entered the actual struggle phase on the second hook. You didn't have to press any button saving you from dying.

I died on hook and stayed in the game even after dcing.

This was my screen.

And this what the killer saw.

Theres another hook lit and from the angle i would assume i was hooked on it before.

The killer couldn't see the red auras of the latest used hook it was still yellow nonetheless that the person was already unhooked.

Like i said the killer used the mouldy oak offering.

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