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is xbox one on free weekend?

i purchased today an xbox one S , second hand , but i formatted all data , i put my account , and installed dbd , from cd , wich i purchased aswell . i don't have xbox live gold subscription , but i was able to play normally ... i didn't saw anny announcement about free 2 play week on social media , so question: does xbox one have a free trial or what happened? i think it's pretty nice since i bought cd version so until i will get a sub ... GG :)) any help here @not_Queen ? thanks


  • agutty1agutty1 Member Posts: 32

    Do you Xbox game pass? It’s free if you have that.

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

    don't have anything . i had xbox live 2 years ago on this account :D :D i think i was trying to get 1 month of game pass ( it's an offer with 1 eur first month ) but never completed the payment , and i canceled, it may be a bug on xbox services ? lol :))

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