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can't place traps (possibly dedicated servers related)

YoYoFreakCJYoYoFreakCJ Member Posts: 8
edited October 4 in The Hag

Platform: PC

Description of the issue: Last time I played Hag I couldn't place down traps. Holding the ability button would start the trap placement animation for a split second, then cancel it. I was not able to place any traps at all. This hasn't happened before the dedicated servers, so I assume it's got something to do with that. I did not use any addons. My perks were BBQ, Monitor & Abuse, Nurse's Calling and Brutal Strength. The map was the Temple of Purgation. I did not burn any offerings. Hybrid Panda just tried it on his stream but with addons, he did not run into this bug.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): play as Hag, don't use addons, don't use offerings. Try to place a trap.

How often does this occur: once so far, did not try again.


  • lynelmanelynelmane Member Posts: 401

    I had the same issue just a minute ago. I used add-ons and an offering but I loaded into the Hawkins map and couldn't place any traps. Then the game cancelled because someone DC'd.

    I also have a video of what happened that I could post later.

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