Missing/removed post but no automated message?

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In a recent thread of mine (https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/92764/), I posted an embedded youtube video from a popular streamer (and fog whisperer). The video contained examples for people to see themselves regarding toxicity and DCing.

When I got on today, I noticed the post (as part of the thread) was missing. I assume it was flagged possibly removed because the survivor negativity in the end game chats. However, there was no automated message in my inbox (such as saying this violates the forum rules - with a link to the rules).

Obviously, I want to follow the forum rules but taking down posts without explanation nor even a notification saying it didn't meet forum standards, etc., is really strange. I think at minimum there should be an automated message that says the post did not meet the forum standards, please review them here [with link].


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