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Plague - A Rework with fun in mind for everyone!

I love the idea of plague, but playing as her is boring because you rarely get to use your power and playing against her is either overwhelming or incredibly quick. These are my proposed changes to make her more fun and over all balanced. First I'll give a summary of changes, then an in depth write up in case y'all have feedback on certain aspects, there's also some options at the very bottom for balance.

The Plague is the walking embodiment of diseases, so let's play with that idea by checking out some other status effects besides Broken...

Infection: Infecting a survivor instantly applies a 'Base Status Effect' that can be changed by Plague Addons. Without Addons, Base would be Mangled.

Once the Infection Timer is full, now it resets the timer and the Survivor receives another Negative Effect that they do not currently have from the Negative Effects list (See Balancing section below). The Infection Timer continues, ticking down the time until another effect is randomly given.  Survivors would still be able to pass infection from one another as long as they have 1 tier of Infection complete, just like they currently do when the infection indicator is full. Purge is limited to 4 Negative Effects. Once Infection Timer would complete for the the 5th effect, the survivor instead take 1 health stage of damage. This continues on each following full Infection Timer until they cleanse.

When a Survivor cleanses at a Pool of Devotion, it removes ALL Negative Effects gained from Purge. It no longer restores a health state to cleanse. This will still Corrupt the Pool of Devotion.

When the Plague has Corrupt Purge, The Plague gains Haste of X%. Addons could increase this % or change it to Undetectable. When a survivor is hit with Corrupt Purge, they no longer take a health state of damage. Now the Survivor instantly gains the 'Broken Status' and the rate of Infection is doubled in effectiveness until their next Pool of Devotion usage.

Why would Plague want this?

As the Plague I don't want to waste my time infecting the same person over and over until I finally am allowed to hit them when they're broken. It waste my time, not the survivors. The Plague is at peak effectiveness when you quickly land an Infection and release that survivor to go out and spread your disease while you do the same, but once that's done people rarely cleanse and you're a boring M1 killer. Now the Survivor is on a timer and constantly getting weaker and weaker as they are away from you, eventually downing their selves if they refuse to cleanse.

Why would Survivors want this?

Being Infected until broken and downed is boring. A ton of perks are made useless when you're broken and being double shot from full health with 2 Corrupt Purge hits today is brutal. This puts the power to of choosing to cleanse in their hands, with the risk increasing the longer you wait, but not turning you into a 1 hit down instantly.


Edge Cases and Balancing Options: 

Base Negative Effect Options: Blindness, Exhausted, Haemorrhage, Hindered, Mangled, Oblivious

Corrupted Negative Effects: Broken

Fallback Effect when the Base Negative Effect isn't available: Deep Wound

Positive Killer Effects when grabbing Corrupt: Undetectable, Haste

Obviously making Exhausted your Base Effect would be a very high rarity Addon.

Purge's interactions with Perks: If a survivor is already suffering from an Effect of a Perk when Infection would assign it to them, this effect is skipped and another one is assigned. If they are suffering from all effects, but haven't reached the 5th Infection where they would gain a new effect then the Survivor gains Deep Wound. If Deep Wound is currently applied to the survivor too, then they take 1 health point of damage.

Other things besides Status Effects: There's options to do things like slowdown action/repair/healing/bad luck/whatever speed and such, but I wanted to keep the idea as clean as possible while giving options. I'd imagine the Developer's code isn't as clean here as 'Apply X effect, unless it is there then check again and escalate'. Revealing their aura on Vomit would be another benefit of Corrupt Purge.

Cleansing: I toyed with the idea that cleansing would put the Survivor's effects on a cooldown to completely lose them instead of instantly losing all of them, but that would have to be a PTR decision.

Hooking a survivor will finish the current level of Infection their currently on, apply the effect, and then hold the timer. This is so they do not get off the hook and suddenly hit a level of infection that would cause damage to them.

Infection Rate: I personally like the idea of infection rate being increased when doing a cooperative action together and possibly decreases from the plague once the Survivor has their 2nd Infection Effect to discourage the Plague from walking around and vomiting none stop.

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