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Lost skins from howling ground event!

Hello , just like title says i lost both jacket of david and the mask of huntress from this skin.

I have more than 3k hours and i have even multiple proofs that i had that skin (screenshot taken from when i got the skin) so i would like some kind of help for what can happen if i can get them back cause it will be realy shame if i lost them just for nothing. I dont know if that helps but before i lose them i was trying to play as david but i was stuck at 5% loading screen so the game werent about to load and i just waited till the match gets cancel cause it would be 1v3, so that happened and when i clicked on continue cause i was with 1 more friend and we were about to play next game and just then when i went back to lobby i notice that i didnt had the jacket, i went to see if it was just unequipped and then i noticed that i didnt had that skin. Then i saw i didnt had mask of huntress either but oddly enough i had the rest of exclusive skins i have (legacy and other event skins from other events).

Sorry for my english i hope that you can understand my problem, anything you need to ask so i can get back the skin i would gadly try to help all screenshots i have as proof are from steam only.



  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 467

    If you submit a ticket at they should be able to get that re-added back to your account. :)

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