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Dwight is from either New Jersey or Oregon

NabskullNabskull Member Posts: 6
edited October 2019 in Lore

Dwight could either be from New Jersey or Oregon because both of those states are the only ones that legally require a filling station attendant at gas stations. We know that Dwight used to be one of these due to his Gas Jockey cosmetic. Also the name is another clue as these attendants can be known as gas jockeys colloquially.




  • PrincessPoopPrincessPoop Member Posts: 887

    Nice find

  • PhoxPhox Member Posts: 184

    Well, I know for sure no one in Oregon calls gas petrol so, that’s out.

  • AAAAAAAAAA Member Posts: 558

    I dunno, the collection is Route 66, which doesn't go through NJ or OR. Between that, the gas jockey thing, and (as Phox noted) the use of the word petrol, I don't think you can pin down a place, at least not based this outfit alone. The job says NJ/OR, the collection says somewhere between Chicago and LA, and petrol says not in the USA.

  • pichumudkippichumudkip Member Posts: 111

    I think he may be from NJ despite majority of the population calling it gas and not petrol, however a few gas stations call it petrol so who knows TBH.

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