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Everyone disconnected instantly.

so i was playing Huntress i was loosing the game bla bla bla and suddenly my game lagged for about 2-3 seconds and then all i saw is everyone had disconnected in the end game screen i was shocked too and no i didnt use anything like lag switch etc. Did this happened to anyone else ? Or is it just me ?

here is a screenshot of the end game screen:

and yes i got a pip cause of the dcs.


  • joeyroujoeyrou Member Posts: 41
  • KenidurKenidur Member Posts: 156

    Common occurrence. Seen hit happen multiple times as both killer and survivor. From the survivor side, looks a little different.

    As a survivor, If I get disconnected,it shows the kiler disco'd and I get points. In that particular screenshot, that was 4 of us in chat, I disco'd killer and the other 3 were still playing. in the past week, disco's have occurred about 1 in 5 games and will be 1 to 3 players usually disconnecting. When the killer disco's for the same thing, all survivors show as disco'd, but they see the opposite.

    I've run a continuous ping test during play the other day, waiting for a disconnect. Once it happened, my ping showed 1 failed ping, then back to normal. Pinged googles address, with a response time ranging from 20ns to 50ns, and no drops prior. But the instant there was less than 1 second lapse in network connection, i was dropped from the server/killer.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,452

    Huh, interesting that it's disconnecting even on a 1 second lapse.

    If you're on PC, it might be worth submitting a log to support when that happens. It might help them track down the issue and fix it.

  • TinyKittenTinyKitten Member Posts: 9

    While being on pc I noticed that before the dedicated servers, I had this issue a lot, DURING dedicated the disconnects STOPPED fully, between me being survivor and killer, then when they turned off dedicated again, it started back up again. This should give some idea as to what's going on.


    friends, i have been experiencing this recurring problem for over four weeks, every time i go into a game my game crashes and i am instantly disconnected from the host, my computer meets all the requirements of this game it runs the game on ultra however this "mistake" is causing the game to decay a bit, I already commented in the community / sent emails but never got a response.

  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 1,452

    Mmkay, good to know that the issue seems to be resolved when the dedicated servers were on.

    Fingers crossed they get the issue with those fixed then. Sounds like it'd solve the issue for everyone. :)

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