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Designer Notes | Nurse Changes

PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,540

For the past few months, we have been reviewing the Nurse and her add-ons. We are pleased to say that these changes will be available in the upcoming mid-chapter update, and we would like to take a moment to share some insight into thought process behind them. 

There were several things we wanted to address when revisiting the Nurse. First, all killers should have 4 common, 5 uncommon, 5 rare, 4 very rare and 2 ultra rare add-ons- the Nurse previously did not meet this condition as she was created before this standard was put in place. Many of her add-ons also had downsides or effects that hindered players' muscle memory, causing them to be very rarely used. Others had unintended side effects that made them much stronger than intended (notably the range add-ons which in turn granted reappearance speed, sometimes referred to as "omega blink"). We wanted to bring these add-ons up to our recent standards and introduce new and fun effects for players to experiment with. 

In the process, we’ve also made a few adjustments made to her base power. Previously, the Nurse could double blink, go through fatigue, then immediately double blink again. This did not leave the Survivors with much of an opportunity to break line of sight. A recharge mechanic for blink charges has been added to limit how quickly she can perform multiple blinks. Rather than immediately receiving all her blink charges following fatigue, she will instead regain charges one at a time. Each charge takes three seconds starting from the beginning of her fatigue. This time can be reduced through add-ons. 

The timing of the visual effects for the blink reappearance have been adjusted so that the Nurse becomes visible just before the end of the blink. This allows players to react appropriately and avoid situations where they are hit or blocked by the collision of the Nurse before they can see her. 

We have removed the “blink accuracy” stat. Blink accuracy stat was functional, but its values were so small that its effect was hard to notice. Blink accuracy would place you randomly around the position you blinked to. 

New Add-ons 

Every single Nurse add-on has been altered in some way. The new effects of the add-ons are the following: 


White Nit Comb 

  • Decreases the length of blink attack lunges by 50% (0.15 seconds). Increases blood point rewards for blink attack score events by 100%. 

Metal Spoon 

  • Hitting a Survivor with a blink attack causes their sounds of pain to be moderately louder for 60 seconds. 

Wooden Horse 

  • Reduces extra fatigue from missed blink attacks by 50% (0.5 seconds). 

Plaid Flannel 

  • Rarity changed from Very Rare to Common. The blink indicator placement has been improved, and will now stay visible until the Nurse has reached her destination (it was previously not visible while blinking). 


Dull Bracelet 

  • Decreases maximum blink distance by 20% (4 meters). Increases Blood point rewards for precise blink score events by 100%. 

Bad Man Keepsake 

  • Rarity changed from Common to Uncommon. Hitting a Survivor with a blink attack causes their aura to be revealed when healing or being healed within a 28 meter range for 60 seconds. 

Catatonic Boy's Treasure 

  • Reduces extra fatigue from chain blinks by 100% (0.5 seconds). 

Dark Cincture 

  • Decreases blink recharge time by 20% (0.6 seconds). 

Pocket Watch 

  • Increases the duration of the chain blink window by 13% (0.2 seconds). 


Anxious Gasp 

  • Blinking past a survivor causes them to scream and awards 200 blood points in the devious category for terrifying them. 

Spasmodic Breath 

  • Hitting a survivor with a successful blink attack disables the ability to blink and increases The Nurse's base movement speed to 4.6 m/s for 60 seconds. 

Ataxic Respiration 

  • Reduces base blink fatigue duration by 12.5% (0.25 seconds). 

Fragile Wheeze 

  • Decreases blink recharge time by 30% (0.9 seconds). 

Heavy Panting 

  • Increases maximum blink range by 20% (4 meters) and increases maximum blink charge time by 20% (0.4 seconds). 

Very Rare 

"Bad Man's" Last Breath 

  • Hitting a survivor with a successful blink attack grants The Nurse the Undetectable status for 16 seconds.This effect may be only triggered once every 60 seconds. 

Campbell's Last Breath 

  • After reappearing from a fully charged blink, The Nurse immediately blinks at half charge in the direction she is currently facing. 

Kavanagh's Last Breath 

  • Increases maximum blink range by 30% (6 meters) and increases maximum blink charge time by 30% (0.6 seconds). 

Jenner's Last Breath 

  • After blinking, allows the Nurse to immediately blink back to her original position by pressing the Secondary Power Button. Requires a blink charge and must be triggered during the chain blink window. 

Ultra Rare 


  • Rarity changed from Common to Ultra Rare. Removes 1 blink charge. Increases base movement speed to 4.2 m/s. 

Torn Bookmark 

  • Rarity changed from Common to Ultra Rare. Adds 1 blink charge. The Nurse can no longer blink to locations not in her line of sight. 


All these changes are available to test starting tomorrow on the Player Test Build and will be included in the following mid-chapter update. We look forward to hearing what you think! 

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