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#1 fix PC Bug: Whenever you disconnect Headset/Audio from computer multiple times then DBD freezes

Awesomebro124Awesomebro124 Member Posts: 4

My headset is trash and i have a problem where it disconnects every minute and i have to replug it in again, because of this DBD seems like has a 20 percent chance of freezing whenever my headset disconnects in the middle of the game. It does not happen all the time but its like a 1/5 time i reconnect my headset. It freeze and i have to restart DBD which is super annoying. This bug is probably the most impact bug because it prevents you from playing the game. MY headset is a little the problem but it should not make DBD crash because every other game i play densest effect like this. For example when i play league of legends and my headset reconnects it just freezes as a lag spike for half a second but DBD completely freezes and i have to alt f4 it. FIX IT PLEASE

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