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Are quotes borked again?

PigNRunPigNRun Member Posts: 2,428

Im not sure if this is an intended change or a bug. But my issue is simple.

Quotes are white text on white background, therefore impossible to read, therefore I need to highlight the text to find out what was typed.

Im experiencing this on both mobile and desktop versions, so I dont think its something on my end.


  • HellCatJaneHellCatJane Member Posts: 698

    Yup. Seems like it.

  • Science_GuyScience_Guy Member Posts: 1,132

    Yes. They're a mess at the moment.

    Glad to see it's not just me.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 2,664

    Yeah, they're both unreadable and blinding.

  • Divine_ConfettiDivine_Confetti Member Posts: 1,675

    Anyone else not receiving comment/mention notifications either?

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 1,397

    @Divine_Confetti I will test that!

    The team knows about the quotes btw.


  • Rizzo90Rizzo90 Member, Mod Posts: 6,293

    Nothing wrong about notifications.

  • Divine_ConfettiDivine_Confetti Member Posts: 1,675

    @Gay Myers (Luzi) That worked. No notifications for this post being commented on though. Nor quote mentions.

  • Divine_ConfettiDivine_Confetti Member Posts: 1,675
    edited October 2019

    To elaborate, this comment is the last notification I've had before yours: https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/742307#Comment_742307

    That one's considered a mentioned comment ("VexTheHex mentioned you in From a Nurse main, she isn't dead.")

    I'm also not getting any notifications for when people comment on a post I'm active in ("StupidPallets commented on Why Are Mori's Even A Thing?").

    Both stopped working sometime last night (EST). I've double checked that all my pop-up notifications are on and even disabled/reenabled them and signed out. No luck. No idea if bookmarks are affected too.

    E: After a quick test, it seems bookmarks are unaffected. It seems like the "Notify me when people comment on discussions I've participated in." notification isn't functioning. I should be getting notifications when anyone comments in a thread I've commented in, but I'm not.

  • themirrortwinthemirrortwin Member Posts: 194

    I'm glad people are aware of this problem. I just want to report that I am experiencing this odd, white, unreadable quote phenomenon at the time of this post. Thank you for working on this! :)

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)Gay Myers (Luzi) Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 1,397

    That's odd - I will see if I can test that out @Divine_Confetti The quotes are just killing me right now!

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