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I see what you did there you sneaky devs!

TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 572
edited October 8 in Media Lounge

It takes 6 seconds for her double stun to finish due to this bug (patch 1.9.0). for new Nurse It'll take 6 seconds for her to recharge her blinks starting as soon as the fatigue hits. You gave her back the double stun but removed the blade wipe animation part. Clever devs, Applauds, Very clever. I will at least say your change is still better, but only because Nurse can still slowly float around after the Fatigue while waiting for her power to finish recovering. Double stun didn't allow that, but the same principle applies: Survivors will now have 6 seconds of escape time after they are blink attacked. We'll see how everyone reacts later today.


  • HorusHorus Member Posts: 850

    Wow people were complaining about a 3 second escape window now people will really flip there lids

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 3,441

    And now imagine if you misblink or the survivor uses Dead Hard...

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 572

    Umm... Mod's this wasn't a "Media Lounge" post. Not sure which of you moved it here, but I was using an old video that showcased the the Nurse double stun bug from patch 1.9.0, and comparing it to the new Nurse changes. This isn't meant to advertise a streamer or showcase funny/odd/awesome things in the game, it was meant to open a discussion about the similarities with the new changes and this old bug. Can you please put it back in General Discussions? @MandyTalk

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 1,664

    Except you just need to wait 1 second after fatigue to be able to use your main blink.

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