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News | Withering Blight Event Overview

PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 6,525
edited July 2020 in General News

We are happy to celebrate the most horrific time of the year, where the stench of rotting Pustula Plants fills the air across the Entity’s realm. Soon, the Withering Blight event will be upon us, and we don’t want you to go unprepared. 

Classic Tricks 

In addition to spooky campfire decorations, some staples of past Halloween events have returned, including: 

  • The Will O' Wisp flashlight 
  • The All Hallows' Eve Lunchbox 
  • The Pustula Petals offering 

You can find these limited time items scattered throughout newly generated Bloodwebs and in chests for the duration of the event. You will keep any leftover items and be able to use them year round, but be warned: Any unused Pustula Petals will stay in your inventory, but will not be useable after the event period. 

Following feedback from the Hallowed Blight event last year, Pustula Petals will instead create a pair of event Hooks and Generators for each Offering used. Survivors who burn one of these Offerings will receive bonus Bloodpoints whenever an event Generator is powered, and Killers receive a bonus each time a Survivor is hooked on a special event Hook. If you don’t burn an Offering, you’ll still receive some bonus Bloodpoints, but not as many as those who do. 

Brand New Treats 

The Withering Blight event is woven into The Archives (for an overview of what The Archives hold, click here). By completing challenges and progressing through the current Rift, you’ll be rewarded with Putrid Serum. These Putrid Serum can then be exchanged for cosmetics from either the Hallowed Blight or Hallowed Catalyst collections. 

Putrid Serum is only available in the free track of The Rift. A total of 60 Putrid Serum are available this year, allowing you to earn up to 6 Hallowed cosmetics (or two full outfits). Putrid Serum will remain in free track for the duration of The Rift. Any unspent Serum will expire two weeks after The Rift closes.

Scary Stories 

What’s a Halloween event without a spooky tale? Complete specially marked nodes in the first Tome to unlock new lore continuing from last year’s Hallowed Blight event. Collect all Memory Entries to unlock a special animatic, revealing the next steps in the story. As with any other lore in The Archives, you will be able to collect and complete the story any time, even after The Rift closes. 

The Withering Blight event runs from October 22nd - November 1st. Act fast, the Pustula Plants only appear once a year and when they’re gone, they’re gone. 


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Withering Blight event is postponed until the release of the mid-chapter 3.3.0. We're working on getting the update ready as soon as possible and will keep you posted. Don't worry, the length of the event will remain the same!


See you in the fog, 

The Dead by Daylight team 

Well done! Here is The Nurse foldable:

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