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make some dance and emotion moves like fortnite i think it will be lots of money

dbd killers and survivors have different size models so it would be hard to make

so how about make individual dance purchasable in shop later

like.. nurse does old party dance while flying
billy does jump chainsaw guitar move... cross hammer and running saw
huntress does kazatsky kick and juggle hatchets
hag looks perfectly fit to "take the l" dance while camping

and survivors gets 3rd common gesture move and it calls "pretty good job"
it just thumbs up and nod thier head
people might use when they saw some bugs and also taunt killer and trolling each other


  • jiyeonleejiyeonlee Member Posts: 211

    hm..i want to move this other section...

  • SnakeSound222SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 2,977
    Nice bait. 
  • BaphomettBaphomett Member Posts: 394
    The only dance moves this game needs is a twerking emote for LF that can only be used in the basement with a hooked survivor.
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