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Community Guidelines.

ClydeClyde Administrator, Community Manager Posts: 273
edited June 18 in F.A.Q. and Rules

Hello, Fog travellers!
Welcome to the official Dead by Daylight forums.
We are excited to have you here, and before you jump into discussions, please review our forum rules.

  • Do not insult, harass or flame other forum members
  • Do not use derogatory terms to describe something unpleasent or use them as inults. This also goes for titles and comments.
  • We have our own profanity filter installed. Do not bypass it (i.e. ct, fk, etc.)
  • Racism and direct hatred towards any social group is forbidden in any shape and form
  • You cannot post any inappropriate/offensive content: malware/phishing sites, porn, leaked content, copyrighted content, etc.
  • Any kind of advertisement is off limits. Exceptions are: Media Lounge, Tournaments and Looking for Players Subforums -- Twitch channels, Discord servers, Steam/Social groups, etc are allowed there, if those are related to Dead by Daylight.
  • Please do not create discussions with controversial topic, as well as 'heavy' discussions on deep personal issues and problems. This is a gameforum after all. Thank you.
  • The use of alternate accounts (in any way) is not tolerated.
  • Disclosing any kind of personal information is not allowed. Naming and shaming is forbidden too.
  • Do not spam (pictures/gifs/videos too) or bump discussions. Same can be said about trolling, baiting and provocation.
  • Do not create abruptly long nonsense posts (i.e. ASCII art, spamming absurd amount of irrelevant text, symbols, emojis, etc.) Exception: Off Topic Subforum (to some extent, please do not get carried away)
  • You can't discuss your or any other person's gamebans/forum bans on the forums in any way. All ban appeals go strictly to
  • All kinds of discussions about premeditated attacks on any of our outlets (spam, witchhunts, DDoS, etc) are not allowed. If you're trying to gather a group of people with malicious intent of spamming and/or attacking us on the media, you will be warned and/or banned.
  • Please create discussions with clear topic and in acceptable Subforum.
  • Please follow the topic of discussion you are participating in. Derailing the discussion will result in closing and offenders might be warned.
  • Discussions about selling/buying/begging for codes are strictly forbidden
  • Threats (even as a joke) are not allowed and will be treated accordingly
  • Do not encourage DC (disconnecting from matches)
  • Do not abuse forum Flagging/Reputation system. Members who abuse this feature will be warned
  • Backseat moderating is not welcomed (please use the Flagging system instead). Inflicting an open public argument with a mod also will not end well.
  • Permabans are issued without a warning for:
    ** Posting links on any kind of cheating tools/openly discussing and advertising them.
    ** Posting guides about exploits, cheating, anything can be used to gain unfair advantage.
    ** Openly admitting to cheating in DbD.
    ** Posting hardcore insults and threats.
    ** Uploading cheats/malware/porn/extremely offensive files directly to the forum posts

Forum warnings and bans:

  • First offence: a warning
  • Second offence: 1 week permission lock (no posting allowed)
  • Third offence: 1 month straight forum ban (you will not be able to log in at all)
  • Permaban
    Moderators reserve their right to ignore the escalation process in case offence is severe.

We would like to point out, that you are absolutely free to talk about anything you'd like as long as it's related to the game (exception - Off Topic Subforum) and the discussion is kept civil and constructive.

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