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Background music replaced by "immediate terror radius" soundtrack for random survivors

JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 34

Platform: PC

Description of the Issue: The closest range terror radius music is playing for the entire match, in combination with an overlapping ACTUAL terror radius soundtrack whenever the killer actually is close enough. This affects random survivors based on the obsession status, even if the killer has no Obsession / Terror radius affecting perks. Whenever one player is affected by this, one or more other players may additionally be completely UNABLE to hear ANY heartbeat sound, as it simply does not play

I just captured a match of this as a video recording and i will be uploading it to my YouTube channel

So far this appears to occur every single match, to random survivors. In the first match, both my friends were affected (one had the persistent terror radius music, the other couldn't hear the heartbeat at all)

The next match which i played alone, i had the persistent terror radius music

The video is now being uploaded (unlisted) and i will provide a link to it in this thread once the upload finishes.


  • JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 34

    Video is now processing and will be available to be viewed at


  • JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 34

    WOOPS, the recording captured more than intended, jump ahead to 4:00 immediatly ;)

  • xllANDRESllxxllANDRESllx Member Posts: 18

    i'm having the same issue, and bug has appeared to me 4 matches in a row T-T

  • ToybasherToybasher Member Posts: 82

    I had the same happen against a Prayer Beads Spirit.

  • JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 34

    The video has now been updated using Youtube's Editor to only contain the bugged match footage

  • GodNapGodNap Member Posts: 50

    Same for me

  • JukantosJukantos Member Posts: 34

    If i had to guess, because of how consistently the sound played, the game literally loaded the wrong soundfile. It fully replaced the Background ambition soundtrack 1:1. All other sound was perfectly fine. Something must've caused the game to load the wrong file 😅

    Here's hoping that glitch doesn't find its way onto the main live servers - dedicated servers are already giving me a ridiculously hard time with random hits through windows and pallets, if i also have to deal with spirits while having the constant string stings blasted in my ear my survival ratio is gonna plummet

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