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Camping- where is the line?

Earlier today I played a match on cowshed against a swf group, three 2s and a 4. I hooked one person in the middle of the map, kicked a generator that was at about 50% with pop, checked another to make sure it wasn’t touched, then went to the plateau of one of the mounds and saw someone going straight for the hook from a good distance away, so I waited, stalked them to 99, let them get chick off the hook, exposed, chased, and downed the unhooker.

They immediately flamed me on psn for camping, and even after I explained what I did, it evidently still falls in the realm of camping for them. I would like to question survivor mains what you consider camping to be, because I always considered camping to be only staring at the hook waiting for someone to save. I see what I did as patrolling at the right place and time, but I would like to know how everyone else feels.


  • MiniPixelsMiniPixels Member Posts: 532

    SWF always generate A LOT of salt no matter what you do, it's simply because they lost to you while having good coordination while on coms, and that is a hard pill to swallow. If someone ever accuses you of camping or tunneling and you don't think you've done anything wrong, then 99% of the time you haven't. Unfortunately some survivor mains don't understand what tunneling or camping really is. And in red ranks, you have all the right to chase people off hook. With this mindset I don't worry in red ranks when someone accuses me of doing something wrong. Hope this helped, even though i'm not a survivor main.

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