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"Fair Games"


this is my first discussion so go easy on me :)

I noticed that since the reset of a rank I'm vs-ing a high amount of highly skilled players. Because they lost their rank they basically get set back to the rooky player group. Now, I'm an average player (highest killer rank was 10), but for newcomers this seems kind of unfair.Survivors with one level one skill get put against killers with 4 level 4 skills, iridescent addons and memento mori's. Of course, it could be because the survivors just picked a new character and the killer is being mained, but shouldn't there be some kind of equation to balance it out?

I know there is the whole "ranking system", but that doesn't work for the reset and can be worked around by playing with a lower ranked player (rank 6 and 20 vs rank 12) or by just losing a bunch of games on purpose, which seems very toxic and damaging to the game. I don't know if there is a hidden MMR somewhere in the game, if so please let me know and I'll reconsider this post.

Further, I think it would really help if the games were being balanced not only based on rank, but also on overall equipment, i.e. character level. Every character can get fifty levels and then prestige, meaning you can get a lot of different items and skills. If you were to mediate between the levels and leave out the lower outliers (like chars never played or under leveled) you'd get a more even game i'd think. OR it could be based on the recently added leveling system for the iridescent shards. These levels directly relate to you time in games and skill which should also work.

Please let me know what you think of these suggestions.

Kind regards,



  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 2,519

    The ranking system is going to be changed after the next update which I hope is going to be dropping next week.... rank 1 survivors will be reset to 10 and then they can only depip to I think 12 or 13 I think I can't remember fully but it's going to be so much better for newer players as soon as this update comes out... The game is growing and new players coming to try out killer and having rank 1's bully the crap out of em is just bad for the game.

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