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Sale | Hallowed Blight Collection

PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 4,542


For a limited-time, the 2018 Hallowed Blight outfits are available at discounted prices!

  • 25% OFF The Doctor’s Foul Bile outfit: 900 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • 25% OFF The Huntress’ Growth Surge outfit: 900 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • 25% OFF The Trapper’s King of the Hooks outfit: 900 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • 25% OFF The Hillbilly’s Osseous Carcass outfit: 900 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • 25% OFF The Wraith’s Seeping Hollow outfit: 900 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • 25% OFF Dwight’s Vigo’s Apprentice outfit: 900 AC (was 1200 AC)
  • 25% OFF Claudette’s Vigo’s Pupil outfit: 900 AC (was 1200 AC)

Offer ends November 1st 11AM ET.

Discount limited to outfits purchases in Auric Cells.

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