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  • KeeByKeeBy Member Posts: 15

    Fix dead hard it's terrible , you get hit and exhausted even if the animation starts.. and it's annoying (with 50 ping btw)

  • EbisekEbisek Member Posts: 103

    Today 98% of the hits on 45ms ping - 360°, we are back to back, killet stabs into the air and in ONE SINGLE FRAME, killer is turned for 180° to my direction for the rest of animation. WTF? Sync is same trash like in case of P2P with 300ms ping !

    No response from devs here, only new skins and stupid event challenge like "complete 10 gens in single trial"

  • EbisekEbisek Member Posts: 103

    Today same [BAD WORD]. 180°, 3m away from the hit area and I GET A HIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lobby 46ms ping. Pinging on the background, no jitter change.

    Look at the moment when killer clean the knife, how he sliding to new position to me. My position is still same, but server start correcting killer position. This is clear evidence that dedicated servers are NOT DEDICATED and killer still lead the session with his [BAD WORD] internet connection.

    I don't care that the killer has a 200ms ping to the server. I DON'T CARE. This logic - Killer is always right totally ruining game experience.

  • Tod_Der_LügeTod_Der_Lüge Member Posts: 8

    I'm in Victoria, Australia.


    Ping says 30, but playing as killer is very, very bad.

    Since dedicated servers playing as the killer, I would randomly freeze and not be able to move for a few seconds, it would teleport me randomly to a different location though not far to where I was meant to be whilst moving, power won't work on the shape properly people won't get highlighted whilst I stalk them this bug is happening to other people also; here's my thread where a video is linked in the comments. https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/discussion/comment/802735#Comment_802735

    note- that on others it seems to happen periodically where for when I play, stalking is pretty much impossible.

  • ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 755

    Ping should be lower, Dead hard can exhaust you and you still get hit 3 out of 5 times that happen to me just today, and hit boxes on windows are straight wack.

    Keep up the work and introduce he DC punishments really soon

  • pejiipejii Member Posts: 32

    so, when will this "TESTS" be finished on poor PC users? can't you go and bother some of those console players now?

    events and bloodhunt are over and I barely made one third of the bloodpoint I usually make in this days thanks to the dedicated servers and unplayable game.

  • MRwhateverMRwhatever Member Posts: 4

    the nat type error was fixed for a while for me but now after the last update its back and its making me not want to play this game anymore after 3 years pretty good job so far something finally made me not want to play the game and it was the game

  • ComelyStarComelyStar Member Posts: 186

    These dedicated servers are a joke. I'm in the UK and I used to get lobbies within seconds, now I have to wait at least 20-30 mins to get a killer lobby regardless of my rank. And finding a lobby as survivor takes 5-10 mins. Wish dedicated servers never happened...

  • manzarimanzari Member Posts: 49
    edited November 2019

    Fix the goddamned NAT Type error and Survivor queues. takes 10 minutes to find a lobby, then it gets stuck in the loading then goes back and say NAT Type error.

  • EzBiosEzBios Member Posts: 37

    hello I don't know if it comes from the dedicated servers but since the last update I have the game that disconnects itself during a game

  • Idotzoar66Idotzoar66 Member Posts: 8

    Killers that use their power to directly hurt survivors like Nurse, Huntress and Demo are reaaally affected by the tiny delays that they get before they can get it off, especially Demogorgon imo. M1s and overall interactions feels relatively fine (grabs still get canceled in absolutely stupid ways but it's always been like this) but certain killer powers are much harder to use nowadays.. I guess input delay is the best way to put it?

  • TzunnyTzunny Member Posts: 8

    Still this bs are running event for event time, gameplay is pure trash, unplayable most of the times, random dc, you just in chase then suddenlly stop in middle of it and can't move, and million otehr issues... why do this to the game after 3 years, wasn't enough borked already??

  • bluexbluex Member Posts: 7
    edited November 2019

    Can we get an update already about the servers locations ?

    You opened a server in my area "Middle East" which has a very VERY low player base and its like the worst thing ever... I have been getting the same 4 players all day we literally got bored from each other. I know that queue time for survivor is like 7 minutes on EU servers but my location is like 25 minutes just to get the same exact people from my last game and its so bad.

    I would really love to select which region I want to connect to like any other game with dedicated servers with a cool down of like 30 days before next region change. I was really happy to play in the German server with no problems at all but now its like the worst thing ever since you opened this server I am stuck in.

    As for gameplay wise literally no difference between having a 50ms ping and 110ms ping at all .. still getting smacked 3 feet away from the window after fast vaulting and rubber banding alot as a nurse and also when I was playing killer the game just ended itself. But I have to say dedicated server are getting better than the first test and would love from you to disable it and test it again next PTB.

  • ZertixZertix Member Posts: 122

    I am having the same issue as this gentleman. It is nice playing on green ping, but what is more nice is being able to play the game.

    Today I queued for a killer lobby and waited for 30 min until I gave up and switched to playing survivor and waited another 20 min and still couldn't find a lobby.

  • CakeDutyCakeDuty Member Posts: 443

    It would be nice if Dedicated Servers would place you in a lobby that has decent ping for both you and your SWF friend.

    I'm from Europe and have a friend in Australia I enjoy playing with, but we can't without one of us having to play with 300+ ping. It makes the game completely unplayable for one of us, since the we get put into the server closest to the host of the party. It'd be cool if the servers were able to locate what would be the best ping for both members. For us it'd probably be to be located in the US somewhere so we both could have around 150 ping instead. A bit high, but at least playable for both of us. I doubt I'm the only one that's got a friend from across the globe, I'd love to be able to play with.

  • DeadonkillzDeadonkillz Member Posts: 52
    edited November 2019

    Middle eastern servers are necessity, there is a variety of survivors during the day but after midnight during the week it is the same survivors again and again.

    Can we be connected to Singapore servers after midnight in middle east ?

    Survivor is fine with 100-150 ping , however, killer is very sensitive to ping. The killer powers are based on ping , they are built around having low ping. Even with 30-50ms , it is still noticeably worse than when the killer was the host.

    Suggestion: Can we have a lag compensation to killer powers ? In World of Warcraft , this was a major issue up to Wrath of The Lich King , after that Blizzard added lag compensation and even with 100+ms , it doesnt feel that it holds you back. If this can be fixed as Blizzard did with WoW , then you can eliminate Middle eastern servers. However, as it is standing at the moment not having ME servers will make some killers impossible to play as. ( tcpackfrequency was a fix we used before it was implemented by Blizzard , so we no longer needed that. Can this be applied to servers or is it already applied ? )

    Also disabling dedicated servers for time being doesn't look like a bad idea. Postphoning it till 2020 wouldnt be a bad decision.

  • RexisRexis Member Posts: 190

    We have a big issue with the Middle East servers, the numbers of players are extremely low

    our queue times are unbelievable, survivors games takes about 10 to 15 minutes while killer games could take up to 30 minutes before loading into a game

    I have been playing for the past week and its unplayable, I played against the same killer for 7 games in a period of maybe 4 hours!

    Yes we are happy with the green ping, but we are not happy with playing the same people over and over and over again

    Please allow us to join into Asian servers which mainly i'd have 120 ping which is fine, or European servers where we would have 170 ping instead of waiting for hours to play a game and its always the same set of players at any time of the day, waiting time is unbelievable

    I have created a post with my feedback and some screen shots of the struggle we facing please take a look at it

    Please listen to us and do something about it cause a lot of players gonna quite me included if you dont do anything about it

  • EbisekEbisek Member Posts: 103

    Pinging google.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=55

    Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=55

    Pinging deadbydaylight.com [] with 32 bytes of data:

    Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=244

    Reply from bytes=32 time=17ms TTL=244

    Lobby ping 45ms. Gameplay like a 300ms ping.

  • Idotzoar66Idotzoar66 Member Posts: 8

    Hey BHVR, today I got perma blinded by a flashlight after kicking shack pallet. The blind stopped when someone pointed a flashlight at me again, and that was when the gates were both open. (4 gens later)

    Please stop the dedicated servers test, or at least pull it back into the PTB because this is insufferable

  • laplacelaplace Member Posts: 36

    These servers are complete trash. For the love of God if you really have to test them, put them on the PTB. These servers have ruined the Halloween event and are ruining every single match I've played ever since they went live. I can't take this anymore. Please disable them quickly. The sooner the better.

  • Mr_KMr_K Member Posts: 3,091

    I play in the evenings and located Mid West US. I can have 60 ping at the start of the evening but as time progresses it can go up to 180. Either I'm being queued at different datacenters or your servers are getting too busy.

    Nurse camera still shakes after blinks and I haven't seen any improvement since we started playing on servers back on the PTB. With the addition of your slight tweaks to her base kit, it's unfun to play her when you miss blinks due to server lag.

  • ShehabABMShehabABM Member Posts: 2

    you need to fix dedicated servers in Middle East, it takes an hour to get into a game,

    and i meet the same people and matchmaking is broken.

  • Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 958
    edited November 2019

    In Spain in the SOUTH, the servers are horrible! Some killers go with delay in their powers! -> I've reported this a thousand times, HILLBILLY its power bar is unplayable on dedicated servers, fake hits, blockages ...

  • Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 973

    Yeah some “test” they’re janky and overall worse than peer to peer and yet you still leave them on. Turn this [BAD WORD] off it’s horrible to play in.

  • RainbowPatooieRainbowPatooie Member Posts: 263

    I haven't had any notable issues on my end. If anything I've had more consistent good ping games. I think most problems are for people with bad ping.

  • moridollmoridoll Member Posts: 27

    Please GET RID OF THESE SERVERS! They're absolute garbage. If you actually cared about this game, you would listen to those who play this game daily, hours at a time. The latency of the servers is killing this game. Go check on the streamers who play this game all day, every single one of them will tell you how horrible they are. The community has been asking for weeks to get these servers removed.

    If you aren't trying to kill this game, please remove the servers!

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 179
    edited November 2019

    5 of 7 games a survivor quit so early they couldn't have decided the game was going to be a bust. 1 of the other 2 the killer quit but I think that was a legit problem as he has two downed by hook. Unless he was going for the 2 in the basement challenge he had no reason to DC. He did have the perk for it. I don't for an instant think there is anything enabled to address disconnections.

    Dead Hard most often will not work but triggers notifications as if it did. Should be changed to Fall for Pity until fixed.

    Makes a person not wish to play and all i wanted was to work on the tome. At least I didn't give any money for the pass yet. I'd be getting buyers remorse more than I already am.

  • moridollmoridoll Member Posts: 27

    @not_Queen I'm tagging you in this because well your name popped up on who created this thread. I've been through the entire thread, and to me it looks as if you and your team doesn't give a crap about the Feedback YOU requested. There are 5 pages of people begging for these servers to be removed, explaining the issues we're having, showing examples, and not a single response from you or any of the devs.

    I'm confused at why you even bothered to ask the community who FUNDS this game. We get weekly cosmetics that we pay for, we now get a Rift that we pay for if we want the good items at least, we get DLCs we pay for, and we get bugs we pay for. Yet when we give our feedback, or have multiple pages of people asking for help on certain issues like these cheap dedicated servers, crashing issues, loss of progression issues, hitbox issues, any bug issues, we get ignored. If it isn't what the devs want to hear, it gets ignored.

    The resent hotfix, didn't fix anything that was game damaging. You fixed it so the killer can't turn towards the camera, but left it where people randomly crash while playing the game. You fixed a cosmetic issue, yet you didn't fix the loss of progression on the bloodweb, you fixed tiny non game damaging issues, and we still have these servers. What is it going to take to get you and your team to realize this game needs fixed! It doesn't need another chapter, it NEEDS fixed. More and more players are leaving this game, and it's my favorite game. I use to play it every day, now I dread playing it half the time because of the issues. When I log onto PS4 I get set back on progression, when I log onto the computer, I can't even play a game without getting dedicated server hits.

    Even your Fog whisperer streamers are irritated with the game more and more because they play for hours on end, and love this game, and it's going to sh*t.

    Please just fix the game, before there's no more players to push DLCs onto.

  • InnCognitoInnCognito Member Posts: 514

    Im getting LOTS of strange hit-box issues from both sides. I've had survivors whom I have THOUGHT I have struck, all of the sudden are no longer infront of me :P (as killer)

  • BombDiggaTBombDiggaT Member Posts: 45

    My experience with dedicated servers has been an absolute tragedy. I will admit that 95% of the time, I do not notice any difference, but the 5% I do notice differences are the times when it matters the most.

    • Dead Hard has been indirectly nerfed to the ground, which is ironic since that's where I spend most of the game I run it, coupled with exhaustion of course.
    • Hit boxes are completely ridiculous for killers sometimes. I've been hit through windows that I'm not even near. I've been hit by Huntress hatchets after I've completely rounded corners. I've completely 360'd a killer and have still been hit by their swing. I've been hit while the killer is visibly facing the other direction.
    • I've been picked up off gens by a Ghostface that was 12+ meters away and then suddenly on top of me. Also have been grabbed while unhooking by killers that I couldn't even see.
    • On killer side, playing Myers is no longer fun as his power is broken by the increased latency and I can no longer 99% his stalk meter.
    • The frame stuttering after Nurse blinks has given me some serious headaches. I can't play her anymore without taking a migraine relief.

    Please remove these servers as soon as possible. Keep them on the PTB until they're performing equivalent to the old P2P connectivity.

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