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Feedback | Dedicated servers live test



  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 1,669

    I have been having a terrible time with The Nurse on dedicated servers, especially after her changes (which make it harder to cope with the effects of dedicated servers).

    With every other killer, I am fine most of the time. With The Nurse, I rubber band incredibly after every blink, and when I swing after a blink in an attempt to hit a survivor, I often end up behind a survivor and then suddenly behind a tree 1 meter to my left or right, and I hit that instead. Even when not attacking in the chain blink window, there is always a slight stutter as I move backward slightly from my blink destination (sometimes it's a move to the left or right).

  • Name_UnavailableName_Unavailable Member Posts: 259

    Queue times are too long for me sometimes more than 30+ min to join a lobby!!

    and i always play with the same 5-6 players for the next 1 or 2 hours!!

    It's better to play with players in the same region cuz we share the same ping

    but if the queue take more than 5 min i play with anyone np!

  • Slay___Slay___ Member Posts: 602

    There is a desync issue listed in PTB known issues so this might already be known but I had this happen in version 3.2.2 few hours ago, https://clips.twitch.tv/TemperedAbrasiveHamRalpherZ

  • SheldorSheldor Member Posts: 156

    My experience with the dedivated servers is quite negative.

    As a trapper it is no longer possible to set a trap and move on, I always have to move back and around it or lay it backwards because 99 % of the time I step into it and it gets triggered. That was not the case before.

    Hit boxes are a joke. As survivor I get hit around corners and through windows all the time even though I am already on the ground and the killer is in the first floor.

  • DeadonkillzDeadonkillz Member Posts: 52
    edited November 2019

    After few weeks playing with region-locked Middle East. The Queue timers are insane as survivor.

    Can we have ME Dedicated servers when queue'ing as killer. suvivors can hop around and play with SG , EU servers and ME servers when there is a killer queuing up.

    Latency is super important as killer , as survivor having 100-150ms will be completely fine. This will give us more games overall for different regions.

  • EzBiosEzBios Member Posts: 37

    and now the servers out of order is our fault and our wifi connection or what

  • DeadonkillzDeadonkillz Member Posts: 52

    queue times are insane , region-locked to middle east as survivor is an unbearable experience. Can we have SG servers open for us , they are not the best but still playable with 100-120 ping. Using VPN i can connect to them , and they are fine for both killers and survivors.

  • OshiOshi Member Posts: 304
    edited November 2019

    My experience. Pretty good job so far i would say. Can we bring back P2P, please? 

    Peer to peer: ping 50-60. Play with Europe/CIS dudes.

    Servers: ping 120-130. Region locked "somewhere". 

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 2,042

    Please for the love of the Entity bring back Peer to Peer.

  • EbisekEbisek Member Posts: 103

    FYI, I ve uninstalled this game 2 days ago.

    No feedback here for 6 pages of Customer (players) feedbacks. Hits over the windows, tunneling AF, camping, hitboxes out of the everything... Why? Because killers with ping 700 are still behind this beautiful lobbies with "40ms server ping" with no chance to dodge lobbies with high ping as before on P2P.

    + Rift.... omg, rift... never again.

  • Snipes4YouSnipes4You Member Posts: 13

    Servers have been treating me very poorly this past day, mostly getting a lot of stutter and rubber banding which I know is not my internet because I called the ISP and power cycled the router to confirm. I get situations where I can not even wiggle on the killers shoulder so they have time to hook me before I get the chance to escape. Overall just very disappointing with the experience I hope that this can be fixed or go back to peer-to-peer where at least I know where the connection problems lie.

  • antgnsteaantgnstea Member Posts: 645

    Since dedicated servers, I always see same problem with matchmaking and cue times. When it is prime time in my region, waiting for a survivor lobby takes ages.and most of the time I end up in lower ranked matches. Killer is almost instant at those hours if I am assigned to a lobby with 4 survivors. If not, 4th survivor takes ages to join.

    And when we passed prime hours, I can;t find any lobby more than 15 -20 minutes both as survivor and killer. I am forced to quit playing, because of 1 game per hour is unbearable.

    This seemingly endless waiting makes me even miss the lag switching days.

  • prrrrrrrrrrxprrrrrrrrrrx Member Posts: 6
    edited December 2019

    I never had trouble with the queue times, now it takes long for both sides.

    I might be "spoiled", but 3-4 minutes are quite long to get into a solo survivor game. (Especially when game 1: dc while loading in, game 2: where the killer is afk and dcs after 2 minutes, game 3: dbd crashed for me while loading in. It adds up... Unlucky, yes, pretty annoying, also yes.)

    Before servers I had these kind of queue times on rare occasions as survivor. And usually in these cases I ve got a game as a killer pretty fast, but right now it is similar (rank 4 survivor and rank 11 as killer).

    9PM in Europe, 28k people playing.

    P.S. the other issue still isnt fixed: the registering hits on clear misses. (I guess it doesnt have to do with hitboxes but desync.)

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  • DeadonkillzDeadonkillz Member Posts: 52
    edited December 2019

    Another post for Middle Eastern player , The queue timers in between 9:00 GMT- 15:00 GMT is extremely long and its the same killers again and again which adds not variety.

    Can we have Singapore servers and Middle eastern servers merge. As a killer from either of those regions , they would always be playing on their closest ( region ) server. Even without , it would still be playable but not optimal.

    As survivor , playing at 100~ms is not a big deal. as such , we will have less queue timers for both regions.

    This is already in place for Asian servers , Singapore and Chinese (?) servers have merged queues. If we connect to Chinese , then the ping gets to 200+ms.

    Alternatively which is much better of an idea but i doubt it, please allow us to choose servers instead of it being controlled by devs

    TLDR: Please bridge Singapore + Middle Eastern servers together. For survivors from either regions , their ping will be around 80-100ms which is completely playable. For killers , stick to closest servers or if no enough survivors connect to SG/ME but better not.

  • OshiOshi Member Posts: 304

    In my last game killer obviosly using new sort of lagswitch hacks. In chase, i vault twice but then teleported back exactly for his hit. So, servers still doesn't help against cheaters, my ping is increased to 120 (P2P 50-60), and devs still dont give a **** about their potato 0.99$ pet month servers. Pretty good job, like always. And what devs said? "Nah! Servers is fine! We not care"

  • MyName123MyName123 Member Posts: 46

    bring back the host plz omg [email protected]!!!

  • HughJanusHughJanus Member Posts: 7
    edited December 2019

    I've been playing this game since release, I was a killer main when there was no entity blockers, infinites everywhere, and I kept trucking. I've had enough of getting hit after taking three steps after a window vault. The better your connection, the worse you will be punished with these servers. Try playing myers, getting tiers without ever seeing a survivor, just holding m2 against a wall. Getting stunned while holding chainsaw with billy won't even give you a stun, just puts you on the other side of the pallet and your chainsaw is 99d. How are the devs not seeing this? O wait, they're all rank 18 and have no [BAD WORD] clue what this game is about. I am officially done. P3-50 on all characters(even Oni and Yui), I LOVE this game, but these servers have killed the joy. Most of my friends were done weeks ago. This game will only be urban evaders and rank 15s in a month.

    How the devs aren't even responding to this thread and the huge amount of critisism is probably worse than the servers, though.

  • EzBiosEzBios Member Posts: 37

    yep bring back to P2P

    I validate the 2 comments above mine when I play killer I even disconnected from the server I made multiple insult report no matter what no answer totally ignored the devs are there only to sell dream or rather dlc and bring in new player to [BAD WORD] in their boots after

  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 2,229
    edited December 2019

    Just my 2 cent that playing Nurse on dedicated servers is .. a special experience. Short blinks in particular often get underblinked by the servers. I really noticed how I need to charge quite a bit longer to get the same distances as before.

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