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What killer perk would you like to see rework or tweak

Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 59

What killer perk would you like to see rework or tweak 39 votes

Iron Maiden
HailohErshghostface_tryhard69 3 votes
Hex: The Third Seal
Blueberry0h_DoctorBigbootiejudy666NullSp3c 4 votes
Overwhelming Presence
SinisterDog 1 vote
brokedownpalace 1 vote
Monstrous Shrine
StevoAdelookatoptrisImwrathanAztreonam78AxX7891whammigobambamGrootDudeBoosted_DwightPigsterAkarate_DolphinAhoyWolfoTechnicCarlosylupalletsryummyCreepingcam1070anonymous31337ZackAndCodyJillSandwichLChiTenshi 22 votes
nickofford 1 vote
TheHoodedOneLentoro 2 votes
other( comment down below)
Bossanarchy753nightfallYung_SlugPhoenix_Wright 5 votes


  • TheHoodedOneTheHoodedOne Member Posts: 6,251

    Hold up this is a perk?

  • nightfallnightfall Member Posts: 30
    other( comment down below)

    I'd like it if insidious was changed. It's pretty much useless unless you plan on camping.

    Should be reworked into something that's actually useful, like giving you no heartbeat for 20-30 seconds after you've hooked a survivor or something.

  • Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 59
    Hex: The Third Seal

    Yes, it's increases the Killer FOV

  • TheHoodedOneTheHoodedOne Member Posts: 6,251

    Oh, that's called ShadowBorn, and no I don't want it reworked

  • Bigbootiejudy666Bigbootiejudy666 Member Posts: 59
    Hex: The Third Seal

    oof, thanks for telling me the real name lol

  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 669
    other( comment down below)

    So many perks need changing, but the one I want changed the most is Mindbreaker.

    Mindbreaker shouldn't have the below 50% gen requirement at the very least. At least then survivors couldn't recover exhaustion while repairing. Buffing the lingering Exhaustion would be nice, too.

  • SebaOutbreakSebaOutbreak Member Posts: 17
    Monstrous Shrine

    Iron Maiden is somewhat decent now that people have started to use Head On and Inner Strength. Not the best one but definitely doesn't need a rework, at least for now.

    Hex: The Third Seal is great against non-SWF players. Use killers who can get first hits easily, guard your totem and they'll be going nuts.

    Deerstalker is good for slugging and decent in some situations. It's fine as it is imo.

    Overwhelming Presence works wonders against those full-flashlights team. And even better with Distressing.

    Distressing, as said above, can be a good combo with other perks. Also the bonus bloodpoints are nice.

    Lightborn is extremely situational, but hey, same as Overwhelming Presence: You see them flashlights, you equip these. Nothing better than negating those annoying flashes in your face.

    Shadowborn is ok. I don't use it but I can see why others do.

    Finally, Monstruous Shrine is considered one of the worst perks and with good reason. Only good with... Basement Bubba? And nothing else. Way too situational outside that. So yes, a rework for that would be nice.

  • EndstilleEndstille Member Posts: 140

    Insidious / MonstrousShrine obviously.

    Both encourage a bad playstyle for people who have no clue how to play killer and also make it not so fun for new survivor players. In the end these result in frustrated killers when camping doesn't work anymore and frustrated survivors who dont like to die first hook but who does?

  • BossBoss Member, Trusted Posts: 6,531
    other( comment down below)

    Devour Hope's 2-Token bonus.

  • Phoenix_WrightPhoenix_Wright Member Posts: 15
    other( comment down below)

    Insidous. It's too camp-y. But I can understand use for it when not hook camping.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 1,147
    other( comment down below)

    I agree with others. I never run Insidious because it does nothing for a decent player. At best you can hide your terror radius by standing still but that really isn't getting you anywhere. It only serves to reward people who want to camp and that isn't something to be encouraged.

    It MIGHT be good on Freddy because they think you teleported and go back to where you're waiting, but that won't work on sleeping survivors, so all synergy is gone.

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