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Hex totem offerings

8obot1c8obot1c Member Posts: 734


Bone Fragment (Uncommon) - Increases number of hex totems by 1

Bone Shard (Very Rare) - Increases number of he totems by 2

Dusty Bone (Uncommon) - Slightly increases the distance between hex totems.

Bloody Bone (Rare) - Moderately increases the distance between hex totems

Broken Bone (Very Rare) - Considerably increases the distance between hex totems.

Fractured Skull (Ultra Rare) - Allows you to place you hex totems anywhere.


Loose Skin (Uncommon) - Decreases the number of hex totems by 1

Scraped Kneecap (Very Rare) - Slightly decreases the distance between totem spawns.

Broken teeth (Ultra Rare) - Start the trial seeing the aura of a non lit hex totem


  • Yung_SlugYung_Slug Member Posts: 745

    Loose Skin can't really be implemented since Killers can use a 5 hex totem build.

    Broken teeth may not always work for similar reasons.

    Players shouldn't be able to place hex totems anywhere because there will be OP totem locations and multi-hex killers could place all of their hexes together.

    Distance should be based on distance from generators instead of distance from other totems.

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