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Borderlands survivor rhys (modification)

HuntedfailureHuntedfailure Member Posts: 180

Name: Rhys

Bio: Starting out as a corporate Stooge Rhys Strongfork ended up getting caught in a series horrible luck while on the desolate planet Pandora and along with a group of unlikely friends they became Vault Hunters by complete accident and ended up trying to find the Vault of The Traveler and open it to save their AI friend Gortys. The first time they opened the Vault the creature that came out of the Vault the titular Traveler was bigger and more powerful than any seen before and because of the suddenness of it all they failed. The second time they were brought together to save Gortys and open the Vault they were ready and with some help from friends and luck they killed The Traveler and saved Gortys. As the otners celebrated Rhys and his friend Fiona ran into the vault where the discovered a strange chest and opened it before vanishing into nothing. Rhys woke with his old cloths and cybernetics next to a fire along with a large batch of confusion.


Perk 1, Cautionary Tale: Most would say your entire life is a cautionary tale, when you take a hit within 15/20/25 meters of a survivor they gain 4/5/6% sprint speed boost the next time their in a chase. The effect of the speed boost last for 10/15/20 seconds. The effects of the perk have a cool down of 25/20/10 seconds. -

"Well at least we'll die like legends!" - Rhys

Perk 2, silver lining: Your good at making the best of bad situations, When you fail a skill check you see the killers aura for 6/7/8 seconds. The perk can only activate once every 25/20/15 seconds. -

"Try to roll with the fall" - Loader Bot

Perk 3,  Excessive Effort: The effort you put in is maybe a bit much, Normal Skill Checks make progression of your action go 5/10/15% faster for 3/4/5 seconds and a Great skill Checks instantly increases progress by 3/5/10% but at the cost that skill check success zones are decreased by 15/10/5%.-

"No this will be more of a tie but it'll be so worth it to watch you die" - Handsome Jack


Default: Rhys

Description: The look of someone who didn't plan to find a megalomaniac villain and CEO in his head.

Purchasable: Style and Silver

Description: After finding the rights to the ATLAS Corporation in ruble of Handsome Jacks office Rhys began running the company in hopes to build a better future for himself and others... after getting knew cybernetics of course.

Purchasable: Facial Mistake


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