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Addon dependant killers and balance


Let's jump straight to the topic, without foreplay - most killers in this game are addon dependant. What I understand by saying "addon dependant"? They are underpowered without them, and sometimes overpowered with them. This is not good, nor healthy for the game. No killer should be addon dependant.

My proposition is to buff addon dependant killers (here I wanted to point them, but it is easier to just say "everyone, but Nurse"). Their base stats should get buffed to the level of yellow (well, in case of weaker killers like Wraith/Clown/Legion I would say green addons) addons - not underpowered, and not OP. What I mean by "base stats"? Things like disappearing and reappearing as a Wraith, charging speed and cooldown for Billy, movement speed while in phase walk and charging speed for Spirit, bottle/axe capacity and refilling speed of projectiles used by Clown/Huntress. You know, things that alter "basic" aspect of killer's power, not it's heartbeat, or movement speed while walking.

Rule #1: The killers should be perfectly viable without addons, not underpowered, and should not be forced to use them to enjoy the game.

Then I would rework the addons:

  • delete the addons, that alter buffed aspects of killer, so balancing the game is easier, and killers won't get overpowered with the best "flat buffing" addons
  • make new addons, that would replace deleted ones. New addons would not "flat buff" the killer, but add something, that would change the way killer plays

It could be something like "You are visible for the survivor while phase walking, but you can see them too", for the Spirit, or something like "teleport back" addon, that you have made for Nurse.

Rule #2: Addons should be interesting and refreshing for the gameplay, not just "flat buffing" killer's stats, like charge time, or increasing their projectile capacity. They should just make matches more different, fun!

This way we can get rid of instasaw Billy, uberspeed Spirit, or something similiar, what, let's say, is not fun for the survivor. On the other hand, we receive a viable killer, that we are not afraid to play addonless. Addons would alter the power mechanics, not just "flat buffing" them, which is just boring.



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